Krk island: much more than beautiful beaches

Marko Radojević | Live the World

November 23, 2022

You would think that on islands in Mediterranean sea people go only for beach, sun, sea and lying on the sand. And you would be right… and also wrong. Actually, it really depends on what you are expecting from a holiday on the seaside. Planning vacation on the Croatian coast would almost always involve visiting one of the numerous islands Croatia has. One of them certainly is Krk. Krk was called the biggest island in Croatia (until it was recognized that it’s neighbor Cres has the same surface area). The biggest or not, Krk is much more than beautiful beaches.

On this island, there is something for everyone. So, if you are gourmand looking for something you didn’t try to eat before, Croatian-Mediterranean cuisine will blow your mind! Let’s be spoiled for a while and choose Kvarner's shrimps, very famous in this part of Croatia. And if you are the meat lover, you will be amazed with coastal lamb (throughout the Balkans you will eat great lamb dishes). And if you are looking for some Italian style cuisine, don’t leave the island without trying šurlice, Krk’s pasta specialty that you can find in almost every restaurant on the island. For wine lovers, the island offers a very popular wine called žlahtina, made from an autochthonous grape variety. And on the side of the žlahtina, you can try many types of cheese. If you decide to try some red wine, it can’t go without Krk’s pršuta. It’s good to know that Krk’s pršuta has geography protection mark which means that it has a unique quality. You even have Krk house of pršut and don’t leave the island without visiting it.


Krk has something for sweet tooth also! Only in the city of Krk, you can try drunk cake or imbriagoni, sweet biscuit which has a long tradition. Also, there are fritule and kroštule, and the cake called Krk’s lady. When you combine relaxation near the sea with the pleasure of taste sensation, wonderful memories are guaranteed.

How to get there: The island of Krk has an airport - Rijeka International Airport. The airport is actually official airport of the city of Rijeka, located less than 30 kilometers from Krk. Krk is easily accessible via water because of the proximity of all Kvarner Bay islands. Additionally, you can visit Krk by car, bus or bicycle because an island is connected to the mainland via Krk Bridge - very specific bridge that also can be a point of interest while visiting this island.


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