Following the paths of Romans, Byzantines and Napoleon: Cres

Marko Radojević | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Playful wind, restless sea, wilderness and sounds of passed centuries. Welcome to magic feeling of the Cres, an island that along Krk is the biggest Adriatic island in Croatia. While very quiet at the first sight and almost abounded, Cres has turbulent history. Don’t be surprised when your guide will explain to you that the pathway beneath your feet is a path paved by Romans on their way through the island. So, if you want to go through the road made by Romans, and taken by Byzantines and even the Napoleon himself, you should visit this island.

So, let’s go through the old Roman path, shall we? Coming from the north to the south, on the side of the island you will visit Beli, small town on the top of the hill, the oldest place on island (approximately 4.000 years old). If you visit Beli in June, you will be able to hear music coming from the town square as its Bejsi tanac festival is held in that time. If you are a passionate ornithologist don’t miss the habitat of the griffon vulture (in some places they are only 10m above sea level and they got used to see the people around).

Legend of Cres

If you hear how the bells toll during the windy days, maybe you are the chosen one to be contacted by the ghost from the castle on the bottom of the Vrana lake. Once (upon a time) there was a castle and the owner of the castle was an evil and greedy woman. She didn’t want to help her poor sister so according to the legend destiny decided to punish her and sent to her the rainstorm. Rain sank the castle and created Vrana lake.

A bit on the north from the Vrana lake there is a place called Lubenice (Croatian for watermelon) which has the most beautiful beach on the island - Saint Ivan beach. This beach is hidden behind very steep cliffs and only experienced hikers can reach it. Or, you can be lazy and clever and take the boat to it. After Saint Ivan second most popular beach is Slatina beach which belongs to Martinšćica settlement and it’s located on the west side of the island.


The closest airport is Rijeka airport, which is actually located in the north part of Krk Island. From the town of Omišalj buses run regularly to Cres. Also, ferry from Rijeka will bring you to Cres town in the west part of island. After those small advices I can only advice you next: if you want to be a Roman for few days, come and visit this fairy island.

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