Logar Valley: Discovering stunning mountains, forests and waterfalls

Darja | Live the World

August 29, 2022

If you are looking for a vacation in the centre of nature, where you can discover green forests, beautiful waterfalls and mountains with breath-taking views, then the Logar Valley (Logarska dolina) in Slovenia is the place for you. Here, you can connect with nature, be active while breathing fresh air and discover many stunning places and sights this green area has to offer.

Being located in the heart of pure nature, the Logar Valley is a popular destination for summer or winter vacations, family trips and a common starting point for difficult hikes, as well as relaxing walks. You can visit some of the nearby peaks offering a stunning view of the valley and observe animals in their natural habitat. Another popular activity is cycling along many marked paths the valley has to offer. In the winter season, the Logar Valley is also a very popular skiing destination.

A great way to get to know the culture and traditions of a place you are visiting is experiencing its local cuisine. There are many dishes that are typical of the Logar Valley and its surroundings. Some of the most known are buckwheat žganci, a dish well-known and frequently eaten all over Slovenia, that has many variations. You will get served a glass or a cup of warm milk with it, which you pour over the dish before eating it. What is also great to try, are the various dairy products such as home-made cheeses, maybe even a special type of cottage cheese called sirnek, as well as the traditional sausages and other types of meat. The delicious Slovenian nut roll called Potica is a pastry that you shouldn't miss when visiting the Logar Valley, as it is one of the most famous dishes representing our country.

A not too difficult path up to the hill through a forest will lead you to one of the Slovenia's tallest free-falling waterfalls – the Rinka Falls (slap Rinka). It is a commonly visited destination, offering a pure joy when the water falling down the waterfall gives you a pleasant refreshment in summer days, that is accompanied with a magnificent view.

The Logar Valley is located approximately an hour and a half away from Ljubljana, the Slovenian green capital and is a perfect destination for a day trip in nature, away from the city crowds. There is a fee of 7 euros to enter the valley by car, but it is undoubtedly worth the price, as this is one of Slovenia's most beautiful green destinations. Here, you will for sure feel the connection with nature while walking through the green forests and discovering the vivid scenery of stunning waterfalls and mountains.

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