Lillebælt- Denmark's largest nature park

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November 23, 2022

Lillebælt, also known as Little-Belt, is literally an S-shaped strait that lies between the islands of Funen and Jutland, right in the center of the country. The surrounding towns of Lillebælt are Fredericia, Kolding, and Middlefart. 

Lillebælt is also known for its nature park- the largest in Denmark, offering various activities, such as whale watching, scuba diving -if you are brave enough to swim in slightly colder waters than usual- and numerous cultural sights and attractions. Since Denmark is small, most of these attractions are reachable in a short time, so don’t be overwhelmed if you need to travel between attractions.

There is something special about the Lillebælt region; it hosts an abundance of experience and adventures, which will not leave you bored. Let’s dive into some of them!

The "listening station"

A unique attraction, which I haven’t heard of elsewhere, is the "listening station" at the Lillebælt shipyard. Once at the listening station, you have access to the underwater microphone where you can hear the sounds of the porpoises (small whales which are also related to the dolphin family). 

Bridge walking

The greatest attraction in Lillebælt is "bridge walking" on the Old Lillebælt bridge, which is 1125 meters long and 57 meters high. This bridge has become quite an attraction, as you can experience a different perspective of the landscape at a much greater height than usual. From the bridge you can get a magnificent view of Jutland and Funen- it’s almost as if you can get a glimpse of all of Denmark with a 360-degree view.

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Whale watching

Whale watching is really a must if you are in the region. It won’t be difficult to spot the whales since this is one of the most populated whale regions in the world. Ideally, you should sign up for a whale tour from the Middelfart or Fredericia harbor. The tour takes about 3 hours and costs around 20 euros. 

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In case you are visiting Lillebælt in the summer, you will have a handful of stunning beaches to choose from. Danish beaches are mainly sand beaches, surrounded by nature and various facilities to enjoy your time outdoors. If you have the opportunity, check out the Østerstrand beach in Fredericia

© istock/katatonia82

Diving and snorkeling

This region is fabulous for the divers and snorkeling fans. You can take a guided snorkeling tour, and discover the beautiful underwater world. You may also take the snorkeling trail in Middelfart, with a friend, which is 50 meters long and hear actual underwater sings all along, just like you would in a museum. How cool is that?! 

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The Lillebælt region has some of the most stunning areas of nature, green paths, beds of water, forests and long stretches of coastline. Hence if you are into outdoor activities and feel like being adventurous, walk around the Rands Fjord, you can go tree climbing, or perhaps you can run or mountain bike in the Deer Park- either at the Hannerup forest or Fuglsang forest

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Spend the night on a treetop

If you want to extend your day adventure to an overnight experience, you can spend the night on a treetop (something like a sturdy hammock) with your sleeping bag. You will not need an alarm clock since the birds will wake you up with their beautiful ensemble. The price for this lovely experience is around 200 Euros. 

Glamping in the birch forest

An alternative to spend your night, you can drive for an hour to reach Lotus Belle, a glamping site in Egtved. This fully equipped luxury tent sleeps 4 people, such a unique accommodation option to enjoy the nature by the lake, where you can even do fishing! The average price is 228 Euros per night, but if you use the coupon code "LTW10", you will get a 10% off discount on your booking.

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