Lake Tenno - a turquoise mirror near Lake Garda

Mara Noveni | Live the World

May 29, 2024

Today I have the joy of welcoming you to the wonderful oasis of Lake Tenno, located in the heart of the Trentino mountains, in Italy. With its crystal clear waters, idyllic beaches and untouched nature, this enchanting place is a real paradise for nature lovers and adventurers. You will discover breathtaking landscapes, local traditions and a unique atmosphere that will make your visit unforgettable. Get ready to immerse yourself in the beauty of Lake Tenno - a turquoise mirror near Lake Garda, and its surroundings, where nature reigns supreme and history blends harmoniously with modernity.

Land of lakes, land of Italy. And, in Trentino Alto Adige there are 297 of them. Sustainability, attention to the environment, and cutting-edge services are the keywords. The most famous is certainly Lake Garda, known all over the world for its large beaches and the practice of sailing and windsurfing.

However, the alpine lakes are increasingly popular, jewels set between woods and high peaks, with fresh crystalline waters, such as the Lake Smeraldo located in Fondo, in the Upper Val di Non, the Lake Tovel in the Adamello Brenta Natural Park, the Nero between Pinzolo and the Alta Val Nambrone, and finally Lake Tenno – a turquoise mirror near Lake Garda.

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Lake Tenno, located in the Trentino-Alto Adige region of northern Italy, is a small but stunning lake that is surrounded by picturesque mountains and lush forests. The lake is situated at an altitude of 568 meters above sea level and has a surface area of approximately 2.5 square kilometres. It is fed by underground springs and small streams, and its waters are renowned for their crystal-clear clarity.

Lake Tenno is a spectacular lake with turquoise water, formed around the year 1000 when a landslide closed the river bed at the bottom of the Ville del Monte valley. The lake is a wonderful destination where you can follow excursions and nature trails in the splendid natural setting of the woods inhabited by a very rich fauna that attracts nature photographers and hikers every year. A short distance from the lake you can also visit the beautiful medieval village of Canale di Tenno, which has maintained its splendid ancient appearance over the centuries, with stone and wood houses leaning against the side of the mountain.

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The area around Lake Tenno is renowned for its natural beauty and is a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts. Visitors to the lake can enjoy a range of activities such as hiking, mountain biking, fishing, kayaking, and swimming. The lake is also home to a variety of wildlife, including fish, birds, and small mammals.

One of the most striking features of Lake Tenno is its emerald-green colour, which is due to the presence of microscopic algae in the water. This unique colour makes the lake a popular spot for photography and painting. There are also several small beaches around the lake where visitors can relax and soak up the sun.

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The town of Tenno, located just a few kilometres from the lake, is a charming medieval village that is worth exploring. The town is home to several historic buildings and a beautiful castle dating back to the XII century and built on a rock spur, in a dominant position.

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Visiting Lake Tenno also becomes very interesting for children, because there are many playful activities suitable for them in the area. For example, you can go hiking or cycling on the paths that surround the lake, you can have a picnic on the shores of the lake, or you can still take a boat or canoe ride on the lake. Furthermore, in the summer months, there is an equipped beach where children can play and swim. Finally, the Castle of Tenno, located not far from the lake, is an interesting place to visit for children too.

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The area around Lake Tenno is renowned for the production of typical products such as honey, olive oil, wine, cheese, and cured meats. In particular, I recommend trying Casolét cheese, a semi-hard cheese made with cow and goat milk, and Marzemino wine, a red wine with an intense and fruity taste. Furthermore, there are many local markets where you can buy fresh and genuine products directly from local producers.

The area around Lake Tenno is also famous for local craftsmanship, especially for the production of objects in wood, ceramics, and fabrics. Among the most famous creations are the traditional wooden nativity scenes, hand-painted ceramics, and fabrics made with natural yarns. Furthermore, there are many shops and artisan workshops where you can buy unique and original souvenirs and objects.

Lake Tenno can only be reached on foot, via a long medieval staircase that starts from the parking lot. The car park is located next to the Club Hotel Lago di Tenno (position on Google Maps). There are two distinct areas, one to the right and one to the left.

If you wish to stay in this hotel, on the shores of the lake, the Club Hotel Tenno offers studios, apartments or rooms with a lake view, 3 tennis courts and a large swimming pool with a children's pool.

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Another tip for staying a few days is the Hotel Antica Croce, which is located in front of the castle in Tenno, offers a garden with an outdoor swimming pool, a traditional restaurant and simply furnished rooms with mountain views. The historic city centre is just a few blocks away.

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Further, you can choose Casa Al Sole. Located 300 m from Lake Tenno, the house is set in a peaceful floral garden with a pool. It offers spacious, simply furnished apartments with satellite TV and views of Lake Garda. A balcony, satellite TV, and a kitchenette come as standard in the apartments at Al Sole. Each also has a bathroom and seating/dining area. Guests can enjoy relaxed outdoor dining around the property’s barbecue facilities.

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There is a beautiful path of about 2 km that goes around the lake and can be covered slowly in about 45 minutes - 1 hour. From here there are also several paths to various refuges in the mountains surrounding the lake. In the summer the lake is a popular destination and therefore its shores can be a bit crowded.

Clear, beautiful, and an increasingly popular destination due to its grandeur and the characteristic colour of its waters, Lake Tenno is now a fixed destination for all who choose to spend a holiday in Garda Trentino — an Italian marvel which, however, has decided to change its face completely.

Lake Tenno changes its face and becomes green

To continue the process of enhancing the site, which is now close to becoming a Local Reserve, the local administrations have announced the imminent creation of a plan for the management of tourist flows and the implementation of services, aimed at strengthening the positioning of Lake Tenno and preventing overcrowding phenomena.

A new project whose objective is to protect the environmental aspect of the site, its uniqueness, and its richness. A recognition that comes precisely in the registration as a Local Reserve of the area including Lake Tenno, its beaches, and the Rio Secco area.

To prevent the drifts of too intensive tourism, with impacts on usability, quality of services, and the environment, an outer band will be created around the reserve, in order to manage the access to the lake, to inform visitors about the presence of a protected site and to sensitize them so as to maintain appropriate behaviour and respect the ecosystem. The process also aims to optimize the use and enhancement of the beauties adjacent to the lake, starting with the village of Canale di Tenno, recognized as one of the most beautiful villages in Italy.

Among the variety of tourists, there are, as always, those who prefer the sea and those who prefer the mountains. Well, in this case, a holiday that includes Lake Tenno - a turquoise mirror near Lake Garda, satisfies everyone because it allows you to spend a holiday in the mountains with the added value of being able to swim safely and relax. Visiting Lake Tenno and its surroundings is an experience not to be missed in a lifetime!

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