Julfa, an ancient cultural center

Aydan Isayeva | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Julfa, a region located in the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic, is considered an ancient cultural center of the Azerbaijan Republic. Its territory extends along the coast of the Arax River. The highest mountain peak in Julfa is Demirlidag (3364 m). There are the Darydag, the Nakhajir and other sources of mineral waters in the region. A famous complex of religious and cultural monuments "Ashabi-Kahf", a complex of monuments "Khanaghy" and a historical and cultural reserve "Gulustan" are located in Julfa. The region has about 40 000 inhabitants, and it occupies an area of 1000 km.

Gulustan tomb

The Gulustan Tomb is an architectural monument near the Gulustan village of Julfa district. The Gulustan tomb was built in the early 13th century under the influence of Momina Khatun Tomb. The roof of the tomb was built of shingles and the body of red sandstone. The upper part of the tomb consists of 12 towers. All towers were filled with exquisite patterns and ornaments. Since its inception, the top of the tomb has collapsed under the influence of natural forces. The "Gulustan" historical and cultural reserve was created here, taking into consideration the significance of the Gulustan tomb and the area where the monument is located. The reserve is located on the left bank of the Araz River.

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Darydag Mineral Water

There are more than 200 mineral and therapeutic water sources in the Nakhchivan, that is called a natural mineral water museum. One of the underground resources, that has large debit deposits, is the Darydag Mineral Water. Amongst the steep slopes of the Darydag, you are faced with a marvellous landscape near the shores of the Shorsu valley at the altitude of 800-900 meters above the sea level. Darydagh water is rich with carbon, mercury, but also highly mineralized with chlorinated hydro carbonate-sodium. Kudova in Poland, Durkheim in Germany, and Sineqorsk water in Russia are similar to Darydag water. However, considering a proportion of mineral salts, Darydag water is superior.

Starting from 1978, the Darydag Arsenal Water Treatment Hospital was reconstructed and upgraded in accordance with modern requirements in 2005. There are many facilities for the treatment and recreation of the patients in the hospital, which includes a doctor, an examination room and indoor pools.

Ilandagh Mountain

The Ilandag mountain is also located in the Julfa district of Nakhchivan Republic, and its height is 2415 meters above the sea level. The volcanic slopes of the mountain are fragile. According to an ancient legend, Noah's Ark touched the summit of a mountain and Noah said, "İnan Dağdır" which means "believe, it is a mountain". The researchers associate the name of Ilandag with this legend. Later, the word İnandag has been changed and became "Ilandag". It is also called Hacadag because of the shape of the summit.

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During your visit to ancient cultural center Julfa, you can see monochrome and polychrome painted clay dishes, bronze daggers, arrows and spearheads, towels, bracelets and necklaces, all from the Bronze Age, in the Julfa History Linguistics Museum.

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