Istanbul, Through the eyes of a tourist Series - Part 1

Elda Ndoja | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Istanbul is a world on its own. I really got stucked by its beaty, its uniqueness and the feelings that it was able to transmit at me. I never expected to find such a beautiful and historical city when I decided to go there but I am glad I did. I will be sharing some stories on Istanbul and that's why I decided to call it Is[tanbul Series]( Let's begin.

I read an article few days ago which asked " Has Istanbul lost its charm?" . Well, if you want the opinion of a first time tourist in Istanbul, I would say No. Istanbul is more charming than it appears in the movies and more appealing and attractive when you see it by yourself. You never get bored in Istanbul because there's always a new thing to see and to discover. You might get tired physically by walking around, by changing 3 buses, 1 ship and 2 trams in order to arrive in your destination but you never get tired mentally.

Picture © Credits to Repina Valeriya

No other city in the world lies between two continents...Europe and Asia. For centuries, Istanbul was the meeting point of all cultures, making it the most multicultural city in Europe. Still, Istanbul makes sure to attract tons of tourists because of its vibrancy and its amazing legacy. In every corner lies something worth visiting, almost on every street you can distingush a museum or a historical place. There's also a mix of architectural styles, ottoman, roman, byzantine etc. which make this city a walking paradox and full of contrasts that gives it a sense of uniqueness and singularity. Simply a panorama that you wont be able to find it everywhere.

Picture © Credits to isa_ozdere

Istanbul is also a great city to engage with turkish culture and to take the best of it. Starting from tasting delicious traditional food, the amazing turkish delights (my favorites), the tu[rkish kahve]( and the famous Cay. Along the shore you can try for cheap prices Ba[lik Ekmek]( (grilled fish sandwich) or if you are in a hurry grab a simit and go! You can enjoy beatiful views almost everywhere in Istanbul but I would highly suggest you the Ga[lata Tower]( but you have to wait forever in the big row.

Also in the group of must see places, you can add The Grand Bazaar and Spice Bazaar in which you can find almost everything. It's a good place to buy some souvenirs and take some great photos. And...I am sure you've heard about the amazing Hagia Sophia and Blue Mosque. These are two places you don't want to miss in Istanbul considering their historical importance and being the on top tourist attractions in the city. As for my favorite street I would choose the famous Taksim. Such a lively and vibrant street, street performers, great restaurants and shops and above all people from all around the world that for a moment happened to be in the same place as you!

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