Instagraming around Iceland

Natacha Costa | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Iceland is packed with incredible landscapes which makes it every photographer’s dream, and the ultimate destination for "instagraming". I will share with you what are some of my favourite locations for clicking pictures in this mystical island. They are so unique that after spending some time traveling around "the land of ice and fire" I easily recognise Icelandic landscapes when they appear in a movie or on a photo. When photographing Island you won't need much filters - mother Nature took care of everything here. 

Picture © credits to istockphoto/jesselindemann

Geyser eruption, live!

Everyone wants a selfie with a huge geyser eruption in the background, right? In Iceland, you only need to go to the Geysir Hot Spring Area along the Golden circle, and wait for about seven minutes. The "original" geyser named Geysir is right there too, but it's not regularly active. Instead, look for the lively Strokkur, spouting water 30 metres into the air every few minutes. Get ready and - don't get splashed. 

Picture © credits to istockphoto/tawatchaiprakobkit

Kirkjufell: the mystical mountain

This is certainly the most famous and the most photographed peak in the country. The mystical mountain of Kirkjufell ("Church Mountain") is 463-meter high and is located in Western Iceland, standing tall above the fishing village of Grundarfjordur. You can do a walking trail around it and enjoy not only the mountain, but also many nearby beaches and waterfalls. For the best instagram shot you should climb up a bit to catch the waterfall as well. Kirkjufell changes its colours with seasons. From grey, brown and white rock in the winter the hill becomes green and lush every spring. Obviously, this is a great spot for aurora hunters, but also, it looks very special during the white summer nights. 

Picture © credits to istockphoto/ImpossiAble

Aurora borealis + a huge waterfall

Waterfalls are amazing, especially here in Iceland, auroras (northern lights) as well. If you happen to have both on a single photo, can't get much better than that. On this photo a stunning aurora appeared above the landscape of Godafoss waterfall inside the Diamond Circle route, showing all the glory of Iceland during winter. It may look like photoshop on this picture, I thought so as well, until I actually saw aurora in reality. It's even better than in any photo. If this convinces you and you are ready to try chasing the northern lights, read also about my experience of hunting aurora borealis around Iceland.

Picture © credits to istockphoto/chimpyk

A selfie with a horse

This can be done almost anywhere around Iceland, as there are 80.000 horses living around the island. These miniatures (they are up to 142 cm tall) are generally friendly, as there are no predators in Iceland they aren't really scared and are even quite patient when posing. Even after seeing hundreds of them my heart still melts when I get to pet them. These horses, which look like stuffed toys are actually one of the purest horse breeds in the world, protected already one thousand years ago. To save them from diseases Iceland does not allow any other horse breed to enter the country, and once an Icelandic horse is exported, it's not allowed back inside. 

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