Ice Palace in the Heart of Hintertux Glacier

Ogi Savic | Live the World

November 23, 2022

"Natural Ice Palace" is a crevasse, a deep cave-like crack found in a Hintertux glacier. This natural gem, exists due to constant ice movement. You are able to visit this phenomenon using the hand rails and the steps carved in the ice.

Once in the belly of the glacier you can walk through the natural made labyrinth, experience the most beautiful shades of blue in the mystical glacial blue vestibule chamber and visit the crystal chambers filled with ever-changing ice crystals. Probably the most beautiful feature of the crystal chamber is the floor, which is actually a frozen glacial lake. The biggest chamber with its 15 meter breathtaking height is located 25 meter below the ski runs of the Hintertux Glacier ski-resort. The frozen waterfalls can be seen here as well.


You can access the Natural Ice Palace very easily, taking the path from the top station of the gondola "Gletscherbus 3" and it is opened a year around by all weather conditions. This enchanted ice palace which offers its visitors unforgettable unique experience in the icy heart of the mountain is opened all year round.

There are more activities you can do inside of the Ice Palace. Stand up paddling using surfboard and paddle is the new trendy sport on the glacial lake. Kayaking session is also possible on the lake.


The Ice swimming is the activity reserved only for the strongest and the craziest among us. The glacial lake is an official training ground for the world's best ice swimmers.

Guided tours are organised and one thing is important don´t forget a thick jacket, because Nature’s Ice Palace has a constant temperature of 0 degrees!


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