Hintertux Glacier - Skiing 365 Days a Year

Ogi Savic | Live the World

November 23, 2022

The Hintertux Glacier is the only place in Austria and one of the only two in the world where you can enjoy skiing even in Summer. The ski area located at the end of Tuxertal, a side valley of Zillertal is opened 365 days a year. Here you don´t have to worry if there will be enough snow for skiing and will the snow be powdery enough. In the summer you can hike and ski at the same time, this fact makes Hintertux Glacier the most popular glacier in Austria.

The ice of the glacier is up to 120m thick and the glacier is around 4km long.

Ski area Hintertux is the part of the bigger Zillertal ski region and part of The Zillertal Superskipass system, meaning that the same ski-pass can be used in four different ski areas in Ziller Valley. It can easily be reached with the gondola and the chair lifts. The highest point of the ski area reaches a height of 3,250 meter. This witness of the ice age offers skiing at 60 km of slopes and is equipped with the 21 lifts.

One of the most stunning descents is the 12 kilometres long run from the Gefrorene Wand peak at 3,250 metres to the bottom of the mountain at 1,500 metres. With altitude difference of 1,750 metres, this slope for sure leaves your calves tingling

Unforgettable experience is visit to "Na[tural Ice Palace](https://www.livetheworld.com/post/ice-palace-in-the-heart-of-hintertux-glacier-roga)" a crevasse i.e. a deep crack in the glacier formed by the constant ice movement. This jewel of nature can easily be accessed in just a few minutes walk from the top station of Gletscherbus 3.


After visiting the icy heart of glacier you can visit the dark heart of the mountain Spannagelhöhle. Spannagelhöhle cave was formed by the water coming from ice melting from the glacier and it is the highest commercial cave of the Central Alps. With its 10 kilometre length the longest and also the largest marble cave in the Central Alps. The cave is opened whole year and it can be visited only with the guided tour and reached very easily by foot taking the path from the famous restaurant Spannagelhaus.

At the foot of the Glacier is the small village Hintertux, where you can find the highest thermal spas in Europe.This village is the starting point for discovering the glacier.

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