Holy Spirit Cathedral: a magnificent symbol of Minsk

Anano Chikhradze | Live the World

November 23, 2022

The Cathedral of the Holy Spirit is located in the heart of the city. This magnificent church is a symbol of Minsk and a very important place for the Christian Orthodox Belarusians. It is a two-towered cathedral that will attract your attention instantly. The Holy Spirit Cathedral was once used as a monastery, and it also faced several destructions. However, the cathedral has been restored to its past glory. The church has a very interesting history, and I am going to tell you about it. 


The history of the Holy Spirit Cathedral starts from 1633 when they erected the building that had to be the Catholic Monastery. In 1741, the building was burnt, and after this, they decided to remake it into the Christian Orthodox Church. In 1869, with great merit of Archbishop Alexander, the government financed the reconstruction works, and they built a male monastery. Finally, in 1870, the monastery was opened and started functioning. A library, icons and other things that were in the ownership of the church were also moved in the cathedral. The monastery was functioning until 1922, when it was closed by Bolsheviks, after the revolution. The liturgy in the church was renewed later when Minsk was occupied by Germans.

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About the Cathedral

As I have already mentioned, the Holy Spirit Cathedral is located in the most beautiful, central part of the city, that merges with the environment perfectly. You can also see the bell tower, which makes this place harmonious. The rectangular building is a perfect contrast to this place. The names of craftsmen are unknown, but you will feel their talent when you see the cathedral

Nowadays, the Holy Spirit Cathedral is one of the main sightseeing points in Minsk. It has many visitors, especially foreigners who are interested in history and architecture. In the church, you can see a miraculous icon of St. Mary, that was brought by Belarusians several centuries ago. It is named  “Minskaya”, and many visitors come to this place to see the icon. The monastery is still functioning, and you can attend liturgies in the cathedral to feel the aura of this place better. 

Picture © Credits to iStock/saiko3p

While being in Belarus, you can't miss the Holy Spirit Cathedral. It is a magnificent symbol of Minsk. It will be very enriching to explore its history by yourself and feel the harmony inside your heart. The cathedral is very easy to reach as it located in the heart of Minsk, and you can also use the metro to reach the station called Nemiga. I wish you a very pleasant trip and many nice discoveries. 

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