Harajuku snack attack

Shermine Kwok | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Japan adores all things Kawaii (cute), and the snacks are no exception. Harajuku is a paradise for novelty seekers, and snackers too. Along Harajuku's most famous street: Takeshita-Dori, expect to find a range of trendy, Instagrammable food and drinks. The variety changes often, and fads come and go, so you will probably find something new to try every time you visit Tokyo.** Here, we made a list of favourite snacks that you can try all year round, so prepare your stomachs and cameras to eat your way through Harajuku! It is a Harajuku snack attack**! 

Harajuku Crêpes

© istock/krblokhin

If there is only one snack you try in Harajuku, it has to be crêpesCrêpes are synonymous with Harajuku, and you will see that almost everyone who visits Harajuku wants to try one of these! Many different shops sell this in Takeshita-Dori, and they enticingly display their menu of model crêpes all over the wall. You can choose to have your crêpe savoury or sweet, with a dizzying variety of options! The most popular ones are the dessert crêpes, which usually have Chantilly cream, ice cream, fruits, and sometimes cake too. My favourite is chocolate banana with ice cream. Some of the most popular stores for Harajuku crêpes are Marion Crêpes, Santa Monica Crêpes, and Café Crêpe Angels Heart. It is not usually polite to eat anything while walking in Japan, but in Harajuku, the 'eat crêpe while walking' style is accepted. 


©Shermine Kwok

Calbee is a very popular snack maker in Japan, with brands such as Jagabee, Jagarico, and Kappa Ebisen under it. At Calbee+, however, you can taste not just pre-packaged Calbee snacks, but also freshly made ones! Nothing beats a piping hot cup of Poterico, which is the fresh version of Jagarico and is made with potato, carrots, cheese, and parsley. Poterico tastes less like a potato crisp, and more like a french fry, with a  soft potato center. It is super addictive! They also offer hot potato crisps served with chocolate sauce and ice cream. This combination of ingredients seems like unlikely bedfellows, but hey, it works! It is sweet and savoury, at once a dessert and a snack. At Calbee+, you can also pick up a great variety of souvenirs and specialty Calbee snacks made with premium Hokkaido potatoes. 

Rainbow Cotton Candy

©Shermine Kwok

A candy wonderland, Totti Candy Factory is the place to go for some of the cutest candy in Tokyo. Their most popular and very Instagrammable product is Rainbow cotton candy, a gorgeous cloud of fairy floss dressed in the sweetest pastel hues. It is incredibly visually appealing, and there is almost always a queue for one of these rainbow confections. You can watch the staff make the floss for you, creating magic before your eyes. 

Gindaco Takoyako

©Shermine Kwok

While Takoyaki (octopus ball) is perhaps more a traditional than a trendy snack, it is one of my favourite Japanese snacks. Gindaco is a very good Takoyaki chain, and they have an outlet located conveniently in Takeshita-Dori, so you will not miss out on it during your Harajuku snack trail. Takoyaki is a small ball of batter with chunks of octopus inside. Gindaco makes their Takoyaki a little crispy on the outside, soft and almost creamy on the inside. It is usually served with a drizzle of mayonnaise, takoyaki sauce, and bonito flakes. There are options to customise your order, with cheese mentaiko (roe), green onion, or egg salad. They are all amazing.  

Eiswelt Gelato

The gelato here is almost too cute to be eaten! In the spirit of all things Kawaii, Eiswelt Gelato whips up adorable character themed gelato cones. You can choose from a number of animal characters such as 'Chicken' (Mango Flavoured), 'Piggy' (Strawberry), or 'Froggy' (Mint or Green Tea flavoured) which is a Japan-exclusive flavour. You can also choose to have a combination of characters on one cone, the more, the merrier! 

Strolling, shopping and snacking, these are enjoyable for all, and Harajuku is full of surprises, with something new around every corner. It is a Harajuku snack attack, so gear up, go forth and conquer! 

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