9 Surreal Glamping experiences in Belgium that look out of this world

Logan Ly | Live the World

February 9, 2023

Are you tired of the same old camping experiences, sleeping on the ground with no warmth or running water? Well, it's time to elevate your camping game and go glamping in Belgium!

This small European country is a hidden gem when it comes to glamping and offers a unique and luxurious way to experience the great outdoors - with a bit of flair. From eco-friendly cabins in natural scenery to picturesque countryside yurts and cosy domes, Belgium has ample choices for those seeking a memorable and comfortable camping yet elevated experience.

Glamping is a way to clock out, unwind, and luxuriate while immersed in nature. Hey, who says we can’t have our cake and eat it too? Glamping isn’t about choosing one or the other - it’s combining the rustic outdoors that we love from camping, but let us cocoon in modern comforts. So pack your bags and discover the best glamping spots dotted all over Belgium!


1. CellSphair

This glamping site looks like a cross-over between a futuristic sci-fi igloo and a UFO landing, which propels any guest out of the ordinary and into a fantastical world in the middle of Belgium’s wild landscape. CellSphair dome is a true cocoon for those looking to get away, but with its oval-shaped window, you can still stay in your bed but feel like you’re right outside in nature, too (without the mosquitoes, of course). No matter what season you go, even if it’s winter, there’s a heater in the dome to keep you toasty.

If you’re looking for ideas of what to do while staying at CellSphair, you won’t even have to look far - since on the glamping grounds, there’s a gorgeous pool for you to lounge and swim, while a sauna is also onsite if you want to sweat it out. Want to additionally change it up for the evenings? Then dip into the on-site jacuzzi, which you’ll have all to yourself and your travel companion. There’s also a bonfire pit, just footsteps away from your dome abode, so you can make smores or tell scary stories by the campfire. Now, this is what we call a luxury escape.

Check out more photos and book your stay here at CellSphair.

Romantische glamping dome Koksijde - Duiniek

2. Romantische glamping dome Koksijde - Duiniek

For those who love romance, design, and an air of whimsicality, this glamping experience in Belgium is a a one of a kind adventure. The host of Romantische glamping dome Koksijde - Duiniek, Kelly, has carefully curated every single piece within this comforting luxury dome to give you the utmost memorable journey. You’ll be welcomed with kind hospitality, on top of a gorgeous place to stay! Now just because you’re sleeping in the great outdoors, doesn’t mean you can’t canoodle up in a plush as a marshmallow bed - and this accommodation goes to the nines with its bedding.

Only 3 kilometres from this glamping dome is the beach. This is a great hideaway if you want a bit of Belgium’s stunning coastline to take a dip in. But even if you don’t want to leave the glamping site, you can sit out by the campfire, or just order their handcrafted charcuterie board to your dome. The space within this luxury dome is so spacious that it fits a table and seating area too. Right outside, on the wooden deck is a chic traditional hot tub, perfect for sitting in on quiet evenings while you stare up at the stars.

Check out more photos and book your stay here at Romantische glamping dome Koksijde - Duiniek.

Slow Cabins

3. Slow Cabins

For those who travel sustainably and are eco-conscious, Slow Cabins whole ethos is built around providing unplugged hospitality with the utmost consideration to the environment. While it maintains its green impact, Slow Cabins doesn’t sacrifice any design. It’s design for this glamping experience in Belgium is with extra thoughtfulness, using circular eco-design with innovative green technology such as 100% sustainable wood, solar panels, and autonomous battery storage.

For every booking that is made with Slow Cabins, a tree will be planted - along with annual investments made in a local nature conservation project through Slow Cabins Impact Investment Fund. It’s a different side of glamping - where the focus is on minimalistic Japandi and Scandinavian designs that are not only sustainable but with actions that go with it - like the water reservoir that collects rainwater and purifies it for your drinking, bathing and cooking needs. The panoramic views of Slow Cabins are actually in a carefully selected location to give you that much-needed secluded winding down time. With simple luxuries, comes a simple joy in glamping.

Check out more photos and book your stay here at Slow Cabins.

Au Clair de ma Bulle

4. Au Clair de ma Bulle

Sometimes there are moments in life - whether that be at a place, with someone, or a situation, where you feel like magic can possibly be real. Au Clair de ma Bulleis one of these places that will whisk you away. As you curl up in the comfort of your bed in the transparent dome that’s located in a secluded Belgian wilderness, you can just stare up and see a blanket of stars through the stream of the Milky way on a clear night sky. When you wake up, you’re already greeted by sunshine, as well as a deliciously put-together breakfast by the host.

Magical, right? It’s a glamping experience in Belgium that many find often worth repeating since you can feel yourself drawn into the sprawling nature of meadows that surround the dome. The dome is quite special since it’ll keep all the rough elements of the outdoors, well outside, and keep you all cosy up inside.

Check out more photos and book your stay here at Au Clair de ma Bulle.

Domaine de Chérimont - Logement insolite romantique

5. Domaine de Chérimont - Logement insolite romantique

Are fairytales a real thing? AtDomaine de Chérimont - Logement insolite romantique, you’ll certainly believe they are. A huge wild safari-like glamping tent is set up with twinkling fairy lights on a wooden porch for you to use when you’re ready to check into this luxury glamping experience in Belgium. Opening the tent, you’ll find yourself transported into a world that seemingly only exists in storybooks, with oriental rugs adorning the floor, a little vase of dried flowers decorating the wooden shelves, lamp oil and a plushy bed also awaits.

Here at Domaine de Chérimont - Logement insolite romantique, you’ll be spoiled for choices when you want to do an activity. Bike rentals are free with your glamping booking, so go ahead to have a leisure cycle to the nearby Jehay-Bodegnée Castle. The stone-built look of the charming chateau dates back to the 16th century. Or, why not play one of the wholesome board games that are included in your tent? Otherwise, if you want a place that’s isolated in the woods where you can centre yourself and escape the hustle and bustle, this glamping spot is the perfect hideaway.

Check out more photos and book your stay here at Domaine de Chérimont - Logement insolite romantique.

La cabane de la Ferme du Ry

6. La cabane de la Ferme du Ry

For a unique and unforgettable glamping experience in Belgium, you’ll want to check into La cabane de la Ferme du Ry. Tucked between the bucolic Condrusian village and Belgium’s magnificent expansive nature, this glamping accommodation takes you into the heart of the outdoors with a Nordic touch. The Scandinavian countries were a major inspiration when it came to crafting this all-wood cabin where you’ll feel like a true Viking.

Now the star of the show here is the wooden circular tub, perfect for one or two people to soak themselves in. The hot tub is a wood-burning Nordic bath, which also makes for a perfect spot to take in the nature that surrounds you. Though when you’re ready for a shower, there’s a sleek modern set-up for you too.

Check out more photos and book your stay here at Domaine de Chérimont - Logement insolite romantique.

Glamping La Chapelle

7. Glamping La Chapelle

Wake up in the morning glory of the Condroz with Glamping La Chapelle, a luxury tent that’s fitted for anyone who wants to embrace the Ardennes. What’s so majestic about this particular glamping experience is that your backdrop isn’t so remote as it is a historical 13th-century castle. Now glamping like royalty, have you ever wondered what that’s like?

Well let me tell you, it has its perks. You have a wide choice of activities that you can do while you’re staying at Glamping La Chapelle, from the gorgeous tennis courts, sauna, meticulously manicured gardens, and even a huge swimming pool. The land is perfect for hiking and cycling as well, so whether you want to have an active getaway or a leisurely one, the hospitality here will make sure that it’ll be a stay to remember. There’s also a restaurant and a bar on the property, which offers a culinary experience too.

Check out more photos and book your stay here at Glamping La Chapelle.

Home Sweet Dôme in Bouillon

8. Home Sweet Dôme in Bouillon

This glamping dome that’s nearby the Belgian and French borders offer travellers a secret-like hideaway where you can get away to nature’s embrace. The structure is built like you’re in your own bubble, where you can slow down life and just take in the gorgeous outdoors. Of course, you can enjoy nature from the snugness of your own bed here at Home Sweet Dôme in Bouillon. There’s enough space that you can sit at the terrace set provided in the dome too - so no matter what the season or weather, you can escape into the wild.

What a lot of guests also enjoy is the complimentary Wifi as well as a a la carte breakfast which is available daily delivered to your own private luxury glamping dome. And hey, after a restful evening soaking up in the jacuzzi, opening up the handcrafted picnic basket is a beautiful (and yummy) way to start the day.

Check out more photos and book your stay here at Home Sweet Dôme in Bouillon.

La yourte Au Pays des Rennes

9. La yourte Au Pays des Rennes

A traditional Mongolian yurt set in Belgium’s Ardennes?! Pinch me, I must be dreaming! For those who may not have an experience with yurts before, they are huge portable, round tents that are traditionally covered with felt to keep the nomadic tribes in Central Asia protected as well as warm. When you step into this yurt at La yourte Au Pays des Rennes, you’ll notice just how humongous the inside is.

You’ll be greeted with a double bed, but also a whole living area with a comfy couch, coffee table, plenty of stools, and in the middle of the yurt - a wood-burning fireplace. This glamping experience is spacious enough for a family trip or with a group of friends too. Also get this, there’s also an onsite dishwasher and microwave as part of the kitchen for this all-inclusive accommodation. Now that’s what I call glamping! Your stay here is perfect for any time of the year - in the winter, the area is really cherished for its skiing and the Durbuy Christmas Market, which is only 10 kilometres away. In the summer, hiking trails are in abundance for you to enjoy.

Check out more photos and book your stay here at La yourte Au Pays des Rennes.

Want to learn more about glamping and how it elevates ordinary camping grounds?

We don’t think you need any more convincing, but just in case you need any more reason to go glamping, find out here why glamping is Belgium’s best-kept secret. Or if you want to get away to a more humble cabin, we’ve got you covered with our hand-picked selection of cosy cabins in Belgium here.

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