11 Cosy Cabins in Belgium for a perfect weekend hideaway

Logan Ly | Live the World

February 1, 2023

Escape the daily grind and hecticness of cities for these comforting cabins that are filled with warmth, ease, and a true immersion into nature’s splendour.

Belgium is vast, from the unspoilt forests of the Ardennes to a sweeping coastal plain extending out into the North Sea - there are plenty of places to go for a getaway. But to accompany these adventures, tucked within the gorgeous landscape, are cosy cabins in Belgium that would make for a perfect weekend hideaway. Whether you want a no-frills classic cabin in the woods or a bit more unique and quirky cabin, we’ve rounded up our favourite cosy cabins in Belgium for you to choose from.

Have your pick between eco-conscious nature oasis like Slow Cabins or even fun designs like a transparent bubble dome! Each one of them has its own characteristics, which makes for a fun way to explore Belgium’s own backyard. Curious? Follow me on Instagram and YouTube for more adventures!


1. Abarolodge

Just because you’re in the middle of the remote wilderness, doesn’t mean your stay can’t be chic and stylish. At the Abarolodge, situated in Hannut, you can book this holiday home cabin that’s built out of wood - but looks like it can also belong in the glossy pages of Architectural Digest. What made us absolutely fall in love with Abarolodge is just the sheer amount of space you would get for a cabin.

While some cabins tend to be snug for comfort, the Abarolodge is subtly expansive with 2 bedrooms (great for kids or groups of friends), a bathroom, a kitchen and even a living room - all within this cabin. Everything is designed with an admiration for the Scandinavian sleek style - minimalism done right so you can have the utmost space. This cosy cabin in Belgium has plenty of natural light since the living room is accessible with glass doors. But step right outside, and you can lounge on the terrace set, gaze up at the stars, or sit back for a calm dinner in the tranquil atmosphere.

Bonus: bedding and linens are all provided, fresh with every check-in!

Check out more photos and book your stay here at Abarolodge.


2. Slow Cabins

Looking for a romantic getaway with your significant other? Or maybe just a solo weekend to unwind? Slow Cabins is not just a stay in an oasis of a magical minimalistic cabin, but a way to immerse yourself in the beauty of Belgian nature and hinterlands. Here, you’re folded into a mysterious part of the country - since the concept behind Slow Cabins is that you can request which possible region of Belgium you would want to stay in… But you won’t know the exact location until two weeks before your stay! It’s part of the off-grid experience, as each location that Slow Cabins are located in their thoughtfully handpicked lands is meant to absorb you into a spectacle of nature.

Sounds intriguing? That’s only half of it! Slow Cabins itself are wooden abodes designed with the utmost consideration to the environment and your surroundings. After all, the appreciation and love the Slow Cabins has for our planet is its own foundation - from ecologically designed and produced amenities, like how rainwater is used for showering and dishes, to the solar panels plugged in on its rooftops. Everything is crafted with minimum environmental impact in mind. Our team of editors love that with every stay in its cosy cabins in Belgium, Slow Cabins plant a tree. Yep - one booking means one new tree planted by Slow Cabins for their goal of net green added value!

Check out more photos and book your stay here at Slow Cabins.

Scandinave - In the Woods

3. Scandinave - In the Woods

You don’t have to travel all the way to Scandinavia to experience a slice of that Nordic hygge lifestyle. Scandinave - In the Woodsis a cosy cabin in Belgium that emulates all of the best parts of what we come to know about Northern Europe - a clean approach in design that combines simple beauty with utmost functionality. That, and the gorgeous nature - but all set here in Belgium, of course. This cabin is charming for any season throughout the year, whether you snuggle up while there’s a blanket of snow outside or in the warmer months when you can enjoy dining out on its terrace.

While staying at Scandinave - In the Woods, you can unwind in the sauna, which is built perfectly as a personal soothing room. Surrounding the cabin, there are various walking trails, which the gracious hospitable hosts that check you in can help map out for you. Or switch it up with some cycling! You can rent a bike right at the cabin too. The Scandinave - In the Woods cabin is 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom with a shower, and a well-equipped kitchenette, everything that you would need for a weekend away. If you’re coming by car, there’s a free parking spot that you’re welcome to use.

Check out more photos and book your stay here at Scandinave - In the Woods.

Helshovens Wijnvat

4. Helshovens Wijnvat

My partner and I absolutely loved staying in this circular wooden-type cabin, which reminded us of a wine barrel. Ok, a really, really, gigantic wine barrel. I mean, you kind of see it, right? That’s part of the cute charm, especially when we checked in and opened a bottle of wine to begin our weekend away. AtHelshovens Wijnvat, the intimate space of the cabin is perfect for a solo guest or for two on a romantic getaway.

You won’t be completely alone during this stay, though - since the lush meadow beside your wine barrel cabin has sheep, donkeys, ponies and goats roaming around. It’s an adorable way to be immersed in a pastoral way of life in this region of Belgium. Bonus: wake up to an adorably prepared picnic basket breakfast after a restful night’s sleep!

Check out more photos and book your stay here at Helshovens Wijnvat.

Aqualodge Hôtel Insolite

5. Aqualodge Hôtel Insolite

Have you ever dreamed about having a little spot for yourself on a lake? Whether you want a weekend to really unwind by the water, create art, or do sports, all lakeside, Aqualodge Hôtel Insolite is the secret answer to making that cosy cabin in Belgium dream come true.

The interior is seriously a dreamy log cabin - floor to ceiling in panels of authentic wood, from the fine craftsmanship that was used to build this cabin. The little fireplace within your cabin adds to that soothing feeling of relaxation, especially when you can sink into one of the comfy armchairs here and just listen to the crackling of the fire. The bathtub? Yep, that’s made out of wood too! So be sure to pack your favourite bath bomb with you, and pop a bottle of champagne as you sink into a bubble bath in your own private cabin.

Check out more photos and book your stay here at Aqualodge Hôtel Insolitet.

Tiny House Au Coeur de la Campagne Wallonne

6. Tiny House Au Coeur de la Campagne Wallonne

The cocoon feel of this cosy cabin in Belgium will be the antidote for anyone’s needs, complete with the serene change of scenery. Tiny House Au Coeur de la Campagne Wallonne is located in the heart of the Walloon countryside, not far from Leuven-la 'a, where the solitude of nature meets a cabin that is so well created, it’s more like staying in a tiny house.

In the garden, there are fresh herbs and vegetables like tomatoes being grown (feel free to use some for your homemade dinner). There’s a swing, and a BBQ, so you can grill up your meals and then sit out on the terrace to take in the evening light. Everything here is built with your comfort in mind, from the fireplace that adds that touch of romance and nostalgia, to the fully furnished rooms with stacks of board games! The only downside? It’ll be hard leaving after such a gentile stay!

Check out more photos and book your stay here at Tiny House Au Coeur de la Campagne Wallonne.

Bulles d étoiles

7. Bulles d étoiles

If you ever want to watch the stars twinkle at night without having to leave the comfort of your own plush bed, Bulles d étoiles knows exactly what you’re looking for - and they designed this quirky and unique cosy cabin in Belgium to be just that. Bulles d étoiles literally mean a bubble of stars, which is what you’ll be staying in. Standing out from the wood-log cabins, this clear bubble cabin protects you from all the elements, giving you the utmost comfortable temperature within the bubble, all the while allowing you to sleep literally in nature.

Staying at Bulles d étoiles is an experience that will be beyond memorable for you and your companions. You’ll be left undisturbed with no neighbours for miles. Now that’s inside the bubble, but right outside your bubble is a luxurious jacuzzi that you can melt away in, as well as a separate sauna. Who says staying in your own little bubble is ever a bad thing? Because a cabin getaway at Bulles d étoiles is rather quite a magical and out-of-this-world thing.

Check out more photos and book your stay here at Bulles d étoiles.

Origineel logeren bij Dagbreek

8. Origineel logeren bij Dagbreek

There’s a reason cabins, woods, and fairytales all go so well together - because they’re recipes for a fantastical imaginative getaway. Luckily for you, getting away to Origineel logeren bij Dagbreek will give you that childhood sense of wonder and awe that fairytales encapsulate so well. One look at this cosy cabin in Belgium and you can see why - from the wide playful circular windows to the all-wooden interior, it looks like a home that was built out of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves.

Don’t worry, you won’t feel like a dwarf here but rather more like Snow White, with the Horst Castle only 27 km away, and the spaciousness the land surrounding the cabin provides. From your bed, you can look out into an endless horizon of green pastures. On breezy days, the hammock that’s set up right in front of the cabin makes for a great hang-out spot - or nap spot, adding to the charming abode that this cabin exudes.

Check out more photos and book your stay here at Origineel logeren bij Dagbreek.


9. Rodune

If you’re not much for pastures, meadows and woods - why not switch it up and have a cabin hideaway by the famed Belgian coast? Rodune is a cosy cabin in Belgium that is as extravagant as a villa. The beach is nearby since this is a coastal getaway, with the Oostduinkerke strand making a great spot for sunbathing, walks, or even swimming during the summer. The design of this cabin is so chic, I honestly feel like I’m on a movie set with how sleek the rooms are, and the little corners around the cabin.

Now, you may already get an idea how this isn’t a typical small cabin - there are 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a dining area, terrace - enough to fit a family (or two!) and all ready for you to just check in and enjoy. Hungry? You can cook with the fully stocked kitchen amenities or head on over to the local restaurant that’s only 550 metres away, specialising in French and Belgian cuisine. Near this Rodune villa you'll find Oostduinkerke strand.

Check out more photos and book your stay here at Rodune.

Zentrum Worriken Holiday Cottages

10. Zentrum Worriken Holiday Cottages

The triangular cabin shapes of Zentrum Worriken Holiday Cottages not only look photo-worthy but make for a great hideaway when you want to escape from city life into a space where there’s a balance between pristine nature and adventure. The other cabins we recommended are a bit more secluded, but with this cabin, you’ll be in the heart of various activities to get your thrill - with an indoor pool and a children's playground on the premises.

Your cabin will also have sweeping views of the lake - where you’re welcome to go in for a dip. There’s also a quality bike rental that’s available for you to explore the local area while you’re staying at this cosy cabin in Belgium.

Check out more photos and book your stay here at Zentrum Worriken Holiday Cottages.

Moderne A-Frame cabin in Ardennen

11. Moderne A-Frame cabin in Ardennen

If you ever dream of your own cabin out in the middle of the woods, this cosy cabin in Belgium would make for a fantastic weekend away whether you’re travelling with family or friends. Moderne A-Frame cabin in Ardennen is classically built in an A-Frame, living up to its name. It’s so well designed and equipped inside that it’ll feel like your own comfy home transported out into the peace of nature, except here, you’ll be blessed with mountain views beyond the woods.

There are 3 bedrooms, a living room, and 1 bathroom with all of the modern amenities - so you won’t ever feel like this cabin isn’t enough. The wood terrace is a lovely spot, especially in the summer, for dinners! There, you’ll find a whole set for the terrace to lounge about. Also, for friends groups or for family, this cabin is stocked with various board games - so you can always have wholesome game nights. During the day, the cabin is near the Kayak Durbuy for kayak and canoe rentals, perfect for a river adventure. There’s also the nearby Adventure Valley Durbuy, which is this huge adventure park where you can zip-line through treetops, take a crack at solving escape room cases and rock climbing.

Check out more photos and book your stay here at Moderne A-Frame cabin in Ardennen.

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