Get your Museumkaart and explore the Dutch Museums!

Chrisa Lepida | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Interested in Dutch art, culture, history or science? The Netherlands has a wide range of museums which gives the necessary attention to art and culture from both home and abroad. Art brings imagination, color and emotion in life and is a way to express our creativity and emotions. Many agree that a healthy society can not do without art, and whatever position you take on this, history and present teaches us that people have always had a fascination for all kinds of art. However, the museums especially when you’re a student or a young tourist, are sometimes extremely expensive! And here I am with a super affordable and ideal suggestion!

When I first arrived in the Netherlands, I made a small research, cause I was planning to stay for a year and of course I wanted to visit quite a few museums and cultural centers. The prices sometimes were quite high…and then I found out (by the locals of course) about the museum card! The Museumkaart, a great value-for-money alternative to paying the regular entrance fee, grants you access to the majority of the country’s museums and castles for free or at a discounted rate. As a Museumkaart holder you will glide effortlessly through the doors of more than 400 castles and museums, including the famous Rembrandt House and Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, as many times as you like in a year. In addition, members also receive a regular E-Magazine, filled with articles, discounts, special offers and exclusive events. An adult annual card costs €39.95 and with entrance fees typically costing between €7 and €15, it only takes a few museum visits to re-cover the cost of the card.

Purchasing a card can be completed online or even easier, at any one of the 135 locations listed on the website under Waar koop ik de Museumkaart? (Where do I buy the Museumkaart?). If you are lacking inspiration when it comes to selecting which museum to visit next, you can check the Museumkaart website under Welke musea doen mee? (Which museums participate). However, let me save you some time, I’m here to help you with a list of some must-visit museums! Save money and explore!!!

Check them out!

Well, I think that I have just covered and suggested the best ones... However, for a more detailed list please consult the official website!

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