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Meet The Hague

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The international city of peace and justice. It's got a rich royal and political history. But there is much more to this city. Grand museums and world-renown galleries known, regal architecture, contemporary restaurants and plenty of hidden gems. Discover all this underrated Netherlands destination has to offer in our city guide.

History, Peace & Art

Home to the UN’s International Court of Justice , the workplace of the king and the oldest houses of parliament in the world, the city is steeped in history. With this comes some of the most beautiful architecture in the Netherlands. This historic culture-fest is the perfect place for art galleries, like the famed Mauritshuis. There are so many things to do and sights to see in The Hague.


With shops and markets aplenty, The Hague is a great place to do a spot of shopping in the Netherlands. Shop luxury boutiques in the royal district or browse international stores in the impressive Amsterdamse School building. Pick out fresh, local food in the bustling, multicultural Haagse Market or browse the endless stalls for a souvenir from your visit to The Hague.

Beach Vibes & Nature

Going to the beach might not be what you’d typically expect to do in The Hague. But in the Netherlands, The Hague is known for its beaches! It’s next to a great stretch of coastline with the bustling Schveningen Strand and pier, the quiet Zuidstrand and huge Zandmotor - or Sand Engine. Visit a dune-filled reserve for a nature break away from the city. The Hauge’s got coastal delights on its doorstep, discover them in our travel guide.

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The The Hague Guide

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Why go?

Known as the international city of peace and justice, The Hague is rich in history! Did you know? It’s been the location of the UN’s World Court, bringing in some of the most important international leaders since it was established in 1945. With strong connections all over the world, it makes locations like the Peace Palace and Het Binnenhof an incredible sight to see. We’d say this city is one of the best kept secrets of the Netherlands, with its own sandy beaches, iconic Dutch masterpieces, and hip hangouts.

When to go?

The best time to visit The Hague is in the spring and summer months, when you can witness the blossoming of the flowers in April and May, and go swimming in the beaches of Scheveningen from June to August!

What you need to know about The Hague

One of the biggest cities in the Netherlands!

Referred to as Den Haag in Dutch, The Hague is the country’s 3rd largest city after Amsterdam and Rotterdam. Considering it’s the seat of the Dutch government and residence to the Royal family, this place is clearly important. You can walk by the Dutch King’s workplace at Palace Noordeinde, visit the International Court of Justice, or take a scenic break in the Palace Garden.

International vibes

It’s also the most international city in all of the Netherlands! Did you know? There are over 100 different nationalities living in The Hague, which helps give the city such a unique vibe. Culture, food, and traditions all mix together and thrive in this beachy town. You can witness this amazing diversity firsthand at The Hague Market, one of Europe’s largest multicultural markets.

Let’s go to the beach!

One of the most iconic parts about the Hague is it’s massive beach area. Dive in during the summer months, or have a family picnic in the fall. At the seaside you can visit the Atlantic Wall Museum where the Germans built underground bunkers, stroll through the dunes, try out kiteboarding, or check out The Hague’s Arcade (Passage in Dutch) - the UNESCO shopping arcade site meant to mimic the “high-class” shopping experience from Paris.

Best weather: The warmest weather is in the summer months, between June to August.
Tourists Season: Although it can draw in crowds year round, The Hague is at its busiest during July and August when the weather is the warmest.


Language: Dutch
Non-emergency police line: tel.09008844
Emergency numbers: 112
Dates for your calendar
Apr - Spring Festival, BonFire Beach Fest, Japanese Garden at Clingendael
May - North Sea Regatta, Dutch Beer Tasting Festival
Jun - Flag Day Scheveningen, Parkpop
Jul - Zeeheldenfestival
Sep - UIT Festival, Prince’s Festival, Just Peace
Oct - Museum Night, Crossing Border
Nov - Cool Event
Dec - Royal Christmas Event, t’Groot Kerstcircus, Bonfire Scheveningen


All the practical info you need to travel to The Hague!

Getting There

By Plane

The nearest airports to The Hague are Rotterdam The Hague Airport and Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, both providing international and domestic flights.

By Train

Various international cities around Europe have trains that go to Den Haag Central Station.

By Car

The highway A4 connects The Hague to Amsterdam, A13 to Rotterdam, and A12 to Utrecht.

Getting Around

By Car

Park and Ride facilities are located around the city where you can park and leave your vehicle, and then take public transport or rent a bike to get into the center.

By Public Transport

Buses and trams are easily accessible throughout the city. The most popular bus operators are HTM, HTMbuzz, Arriva, and Connexxion.

By Bike

Fast and smooth cycling routes are paved throughout the Hague, making it easy to explore with a rented set of wheels!

Tourism Office

The Hague Information Store at Central Station

(Koningin Juliana Plein 10-50)

tel. 06-55376853

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