Food paradise at Happy Bar and Grill in Sofia

Maria Belcheva | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Good food and fun company are an immense part of hospitality and, luckily, Bulgaria offers both of them. The traditional national cuisine goes back so many centuries that we are not even sure when did it all begin being branded "Bulgarian". If you are visiting the country, you should definitely try at least one of the traditional dishes, such as Banitza, Sarma, Mekitsa. If you want to discover other modern places to eat in the capital, there is a restaurant that is particularly popular among locals and valued for the quality of service and food. So, look deep in your soul for the explorational spirit and visit food paradise at Happy bar and grill in Sofia

What makes it different from other restaurants? 

The chain was first introduced in 1994, in the town of Varna. Since then, the restaurants have spread throughout the country and offer a unique dining experience. In the capital, there are more than 10 restaurants, and across the country about 9 more. The most central one in Sofia is perhaps the one near the Bulgarian parliament and the National Art Gallery, right next to the Church Sveta Nedelya.

Apart from the fact that you can find many different types of cuisine here - Greek, American, Italian, Bulgarian, Happy introduces a new theme every few months. This means that the prevailing dishes on the menu are chosen carefully to reflect the theme. The interior is designed to remind of an American diner but it is, in fact, much more than that. 

For example, during the Greek theme, apart from the seafood dishes on the menu, there are thematic Greek decorations, and even the staffs uniforms have Greek ornaments on them. Moreover, every evening at exactly 8 p.m. the employees gather and dance the Zorba dance, which has become symbolic of this southern countrys culture. 


The menu

Perhaps now you are asking yourself "So what can I try at this restaurant that is interesting and fun?" Well, it would be difficult for me to give you a simple answer. The place is popular because of its unique dishes, created especially for the Happy Bar and Grill chain. The main things that stay on the menu constantly are sushi, American burgers, pasta, desserts, and cocktails. 


Various salads, fish and meat dishes, as well as vegetarian and vegan options such as zucchini fries with sauce, can be a delicious choice. 


The desserts could be the main reason for you to return – lava cake, waffles, mousses, cheesecake, crème brule, fruit salads, etc. Of course, there are the usual beverages found in every café and restaurant. Additionally, you can also find home-made lemonades as well as thematic cocktails here. 


Happy Bar and Grill is a chain, with two international restaurants - in Barcelona, Spain. But, what makes it a real food paradise is the fact that here you can taste food from different parts of the world, including local cuisine. The quality of the dishes is excellent, the service is part of the restaurant policy and is also on a significantly higher level than most local restaurants and cafes. Many foreign guests know and enjoy this restaurant because it makes them happy to be in Bulgaria. You should come and see it for yourself the next time you visit Sofia; I promise you won`t be disappointed! 

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