Mekitsa, your sweetest memory of Bulgaria

Maria Belcheva | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Although the cuisine in Bulgaria is famous for dishes that include as lot of meat, cheese and fat, such as banitsa and sarma, we also have a wide variety of traditional desserts. So, I suggest we focus now on the sweet part of our cuisine. One of those sweets is mekitsa (мекица) that looks like an American doughnut, but it comes with a wider variety of forms. Also called buhti (бухти), mekitsi ("mekitsa" for singular and "mekitsi" for plural) are a national treasure when it comes to tasty desserts. They are connected to one favourite childhood memory of mine – spending time with my grandma and experiencing an excitement of creating something delicious on my own (with just a little guidance). Mekitsi could become your sweetest memory of Bulgaria as well!

The recipe

For the recipe of this delicious dessert, you would need 400 g yogurt (if you are in Bulgaria, try the Bulgarian one, it really makes a difference), 1 kg flour, 2 eggs, 40 g yeast, 1 teacup milk, 1 tablespoon salt, 1/3 of a teacup oil, 1 tablespoon sugar.

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You mix the yeast and flour, part of the milk and yogurt, and the salt and sugar. As soon as it rises, you add the rest of the milk and yogurt and the eggs. Then, you make a dough out of it and form  the small balls out of it. Here, you can use your imagination and form the dough in other forms as well, such bows or doughnuts (by making holes in them, for example). Then you leave them to rise, for about 30 minutes. Meanwhile, you prepare the frying pan and as soon as they grow, fry them until they get a golden crust.

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Where to try them?

If you are inclined to try mekitsa while you are in Bulgaria, I have two suggestions for you, both of which are in Sofia. One is “Mekitsa and coffee”, and the other one is “Rainbow factory” bakery. Both are in the city centre and easy to find. Numerous types of pastries and bread made from scratch in those bakeries guarantee one of the best culinary experiences you have ever had.

Mekitsa is famous and loved in (almost) every household. It brings back childhood memories of adventures and quality time spent with the family. Mekitsa could be your sweetest memory of Bulgaria as well, so do not hesitate to try them!

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