Film locations in Italy: “Call Me by your name”

Mara Noveni | Live the World

May 29, 2024

Welcome to the fascinating world of film locations in Italy! Italy is a land rich in natural beauty, breathtaking landscapes, historic cities and ancient architecture, which have been the scenery for many successful films and TV series. From Federico Fellini's "La Dolce Vita" to Paolo Sorrentino's "The Young Pope", and many others, Italy has been chosen as the set for many international cinematic masterpieces.

Inspired by my chief editor Lo[gan Ly](, in the story you are about to read I decided to explore the beautiful places in Italy where the romantic film "Call Me by your name" is set. Although the original story described in the book by the American writer André Aciman is set in Liguria, where the city of B. stands for Bordighera, the excellent Italian director Luca Guadagnino decided in the film adaptation to put the story in different parts of the Lombardy region. Specifically between Crema and surroundings, Lake Garda and Bergamo, areas that were shown in all their splendour for the first time in the film. The film dates back to 2017 and won the Oscar for best non-original Screenplay. So this will be one of my trips to discover film locations in Italy: “Call me by your name”.

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Villa Vimercati Griffoni Albergoni

Oliver and Elio meet for the first time in Villa Vimercati Griffoni Albergoni. It is a noble villa from the 1500s located in Moscazzano, a few kilometres from Crema. The villa has been sold for a relatively short time, and at the moment it cannot be visited.

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The 80s furnishings seen in the film were inserted specifically for filming. Even if the villa is closed, its facade can be seen from the gate at Via Roma 15. Instead, moving along via Montodine, on the road to the right of the villa, you can see the tower where Oliver and Elio have their first love experiences, and the small green door, from which the protagonists enter and exit by bicycle.

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The Crema area

The whole area around the city of Crema is the protagonist of the film, with its authentic views. Pandino, with the beautiful Visconti Castle and the War Memorial, where we witness the declaration of love between Oliver and Elio. Then Montodine, from where the two boys take the blue bus to go to Bergamo, in Piazza XXV Aprile.

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Oliver and Elio love cycling, smelling the scents of nature and bathing in the rivers of the Lombardy countryside. With a bike ride, starting from Gradella, you can get to Pandino, and retrace the footsteps of the two protagonists of the film, perhaps stopping for a tasting or a purchase of cheeses in one of the dairies in the area.

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The detailed itinerary to be covered by bike is as follows: Gradella – Flanking Cascina NuovaCascina RinaldinaCascina Pozzo – Crossing the Vacchelli canal – Take the SP91 Via Pandino towards Pandino – Cross Nosadello – Flanking Cascina CasellaPandino.

In the surrounding countryside, there are also the Fontanili Cremaschi, which are part of the Parco dei Fontanili, and are mirrors of water where the locals go swimming in the summer, and many small lakes, such as the Laghetto dei Riflessi, where in the film Oliver and Elio share a kiss. In the Laghetto dei Riflessi, there is a ban on bathing, but during the hot summer season, it is easy to see people in the water cool off and enjoy this little corner of paradise.

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Crema is the perfect setting for this romantic love story, and walking around the city you will feel as if you have ended up inside the film. One of the first releases of the two protagonists is set in the historic centre of Crema, where Oliver and Elio arrive by bike from Elio's house. In the film, the arcades and the majestic Piazza Duomo are shown, with the Clock Tower, and the bar where the two protagonists are seated in one of the main scenes. Right in Piazza Duomo, in front of the newsstand, the hands of Elio and Oliver touch.

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Then there is the famous wooden door, in via Marazzi 1, where the two protagonists declare their feelings, and Oliver says “I’d kiss you if I could”.


Among the cities bordering Lake Garda, Luca Guadagnino chooses the beautiful Sirmione for his film "Call Me by your name". It is here that Prof. Perlman takes the boys to show the statue recovered in the waters of the lake. The scene is shot in the House of Catullo, the author of love verses dedicated to the beautiful Lesbia. The place where the statue was found is Jamaica Beach, not far from the Grottoes of Catullo. A tourist itinerary that allows you to visit the beauties of Lake Garda starts from Sirmione and passes through the village of Bardolino, where you can indulge in a little relaxation at the spa.

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To discover the wonders of Lake Garda and to have a more complete view of this beautiful area, I suggest you book a Scenic Afternoon Boat Cruise with Prosecco & Snack. This experience includes a panoramic cruise around the lake, sailing towards the Rocca di Manerba and the Island of Garda, where you can admire the magnificent Borghese Island, a romantic walk in the village of Salò, an aperitif with prosecco and pizza, and a stop for a swim in the sparkling waters of the lake.

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The Serio Waterfalls

We're almost at the end of the film, just a few more days, then Oliver will have to go back to America. The two protagonists have the opportunity to be alone on a trip to the Serio Waterfalls, which arise from the Serio River in the Orobie Alps. These waterfalls are the second highest in Italy, after the waterfalls of the Stroppia River in Cuneo, and plunge from a height of 1800m. The waterfalls can be seen from afar, but to see them up close you have to wait for the opening hours.

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The beautiful city of Bergamo is the setting for the film's finale. In this city, the two protagonists exchange a passionate kiss. The scenes of the film are shot in Bergamo Alta, in the film we see the Cathedral, the heart of the historic centre. The other places that can be seen are the Hotel where Oliver and Elio sleep, in via Gombito 22, which unfortunately is closed, the fountain of Gombito, or San Pancrazio and the Piazza del Ballo, in front of the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore.

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Bergamo is a beautiful city to visit, especially in the more historically important Upper Bergamo (Bergamo Alta). So why not book a 2.5-Hour Private Upper Town Tour? The tour includes a city tour with a licensed tour guide and headphones, visiting the most famous places, but also unknown places, full of intrigues and secrets. The tour is highly customizable, both in terms of itinerary and language.

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And what if, alongside the tour of the city of Bergamo, you also combine a gastronomic experience? Discovering the gastronomic culture of Bergamo, in a 3.5-Hour Traditional Food Tour, to explore the delicacies with a local food guide. The tour includes visits with tastings at the best food shops in Bergamo, an aperitif, a dinner within the walls of the Upper Town, a tasting of stracciatella ice cream, which was invented here, and finally an espresso.

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In conclusion, the locations of the film "Call Me by Your Name" played a major role in creating the unique and evocative atmosphere of the film. The 17th-century family villa, with its frescoes, gardens and pond, is the epitome of Italian countryside beauty and luxury. The small town of Crema, with its cobbled streets and cafés, takes us into a romantic and bohemian atmosphere. Finally, the river and its banks, where Elio and Oliver spend unforgettable moments, become a place of intimacy and passion. The places in the film represent the essence of Italian culture, the beauty of its landscapes and its culinary tradition. But, above all, they tell us a love story that is born in a magical place, where everything seems possible, even if only for one summer.

In this way, "Call Me by Your Name" is not only a film that tells a love story but also an ode to the beauty of Italian life, nature and culture. An invitation to discover the magical places of this country and to be inspired by their beauty. I hope this first trip to discover the film locations in Italy: "Call Me by your name" has aroused your curiosity and desire to visit the magical places, but other places await you, coming soon!

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