Bergamo and Citta' Alta

Nicolas Casula | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Citta' dei 1000 - City of the 1000 men who joined Garibaldi and got Italy re-unified, Bergamo is true gem in the north of Italy. Framed by the Como, Iseo and Garda lake, by the Alps and the great pianura Padana, Bergamo is a city that not only stunning but also very ancient. Let a local give you a tour :)

Bergamo Alta (also known as Citta' Alta) is the older part of the city and definitely the area where you want to be. This is one of the Scorlazzini, the stairs that connect the lower part of the city with the old one. This steps are a must-do: in summer are framed by green trees, in the spring all you will see is blossoms, in autumn the colours of leaves will take your breath away and in winter the ice and the snow make these scorlazzini so romantic (and slippery too!).

You will mostly be starting from the lower part of the city so unless you take the bus, you cannot miss them!

While climbing up these stairs, enjoy the stunning views on the Colli di Bergamo, the hills around the city, populated by fruit trees such as apple, peach and peer trees as well as the many vegetables gardens.

Also have a look at the many villas and their gardens. Living here is very expensive (and I guess that by judging from the view you will figure out why!) but as the locals say: nothing beats Bergamo Alta!

There are many paths throughout the Citta' Alta and they are all equally fascinating and steep... so get lost in one of them, enjoy the ride and... CLIMB UP! They will all get you to the Bergamo Alta's heart.

The core of Citta' Alta is Piazza Vecchia where the stunning Palazzo della Ragione, Biblioteca Angelo Maj and Campanone are. Right next to it you will get to see the beautiful Santa Maria Maggiore and the Duomo Sant Alessandro.

While in Piazza Vecchia, do not miss out on Gelato alla Stracciatella in the historic patisserie La Marianna and get one of the Bergamo nicest treats Polenta e Osei with a bit of Grappa:)

While walking around the Citta' Alta, make sure to go along the walls, the Mura, beautiful unesco sites that in a clear day will allow you to even see Milan! Along the wall you will encounter Porta San Giacomo, a beautiful entrance into the old town and Porta S. Agostino where the University is located.

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