12 Fantastic flower gardens to see this spring in Belgium

Kelsie Colclough | Live the World

July 4, 2022

Start afresh this Spring in our favourite flower gardens of Belgium.

Wow, it’s spring already? It sprung up on us too! Spring is the best season to visit the flower gardens. Start afresh in our favourite spring gardens of Belgium.

It’s finally time for Mother Nature to shine! Pack your bags, nature lovers. Whether you’re a solo, duo or family unit of travellers with a couple of kids, we’ve got all the flower garden options you need to plan the best outdoorsy day. From cherry blossoms to tulip fields, all the flowers of Belgium and more that we love are sprouting up just for you. Take your pick from the fantastic spring gardens from Brussels, Genk and even Leuven.

You can also find all of these gardens and more things to do see on our map.


1. Bluebells at Hallerbos

🧭 Halle

One of THE most Instagrammable locations in Belgium - Hallerbos is a spring garden you can’t miss. Aka the Blue Forest of Halle, Hallerbos is famous for its bluebells. But you’ll find even more flower power here. The daffodils and big ol’ oak trees are worth seeing too. Why pick a regular flower garden when you can escape out into nature?

Of course, since Hallerbos is well-known and super pretty, everyone is probably having the same idea. It’s one of the best places to go in Belgium for a reason. Go early in the day to avoid crowds of nature lovers!

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2. Cherry blossoms at the Japanese Tuin

🧭 Hasselt

Nothing says spring like cherry blossom trees. Have your own Hanami, a cherry blossom viewing, and picnic right in Hasselt. The cherry blossoms are in full bloom in April, but Mother Nature doesn’t let them stick around for long. So start planning your spring visit to the Japanese garden right away. Tickets are booked up super-fast and you need to reserve well in advance.


3. Feel the flower power in Floralia

🧭 Dilbeek

Stroll the spring gardens of Grand Bigard castle over in Dilbeek. At this 1-month long flower show, basically all the flower gems of the season get to shine. Daffodils, tulips, hyacinths and many more are all in bloom for you. Enjoy nature right in the suburbs of Brussels, plus a view of a charming castle. What more can you ask for this spring?

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4. Walk through the blossoms and find a castle

🧭 Bilzen Visit a magical castle hidden away in south Limburg covered with cherry blossoms and nearby fruit trees. We highly recommend this hidden gem for you to discover in the springtime. Choose one of the three hikes starting at the castle!

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Catarina Clemente

5. Flowers from far, far away in Meise Botanic Garden

🧭 Meise

Want to see flowers from as far as South Africa? Meise Botanic Garden has flowers from all over the world right here in Belgium. The flower garden is right next to a 12th century castle, too. Get your fill of spring with a stroll around the garden to see the 18,000 plants. There’s endangered plants too! Yup, you always hear about the endangered animals but some plants are getting more and more rare. Treasure these beautiful spring plants right now in Meise.

Philip Roeland

6. Roses galore at Coloma

🧭 Sint-Pieters-Leeuw

Roses are red, violets are blue, we love spring and you should too. Coloma Rose Garden is totally free to visit. When we say spring is when nature is in bloom, we mean it. There’s no better time to see flowers in Belgium. But what is the most beautiful flower of them all? Coloma is home to 3,000+ roses in 5 themed rose gardens. Enjoy spring surrounded by the flowers of love.

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7. Orange trees, art & more at Kruidtuin


Walk into nature’s spring art gallery at Kruidtuin. Leuven’s botanical garden is full of life in spring. Smell that citrus? The botanical garden’s orange trees brighten up any day. Art showcases happen here too, so if you’re lucky you’ll get a double dose of art. One by nature, another man-made. Don’t miss the plants in the greenhouse! Head into the greenhouse to see tropical plants in the middle of spring.

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8. Arts and flowers at LABIOMISTA


Need something more than a flower stroll this spring? If you’re tired of a regular walk in the park and want more than flowers this season, LABIOMISTA is for you. Take a spring stroll into the world of Belgian artist Koen Vanmechelen.

LABIOMISTA is the spot to be for all you art and animal lovers this spring. See everything from flowers to camels along a stroll in the open-air museum. Don’t forget your camera! LABIOMISTA is an Instagram must.


9. Relax at The Botanical Garden Plantentuin

🧭Merksplas, Antwerp

Can you smell the roses? Tucked away in the town of Merksplas in Antwerp, the botanical gardens pack a floral punch. Unlike some other flower gardens, this place is open all year round! It’s known as De Kleine Boerderij' Plantentuin to the locals and has plenty of gardens to wander through this spring. The bamboo forest and fruit garden are especially worth checking out. After taking a stroll through the gardens, grab a seat and relax at the cafe terrace. Guided tours are available if you're a major nature lover, but wandering around alone is a great way to spend the spring season too.

Stephane Mignon

10. See the roses at Vrijbroekpark


Vrijbroekpark is the big city park of Mechelen. But it’s no ordinary park. This place hides one of the best rose gardens in Belgium - it’s even won awards for its roses. Most locals and tourists come here to walk the park on the 3.3 km trail. The park is an easy way to escape the busy nature-seeking crowds around Brussels and beyond. Plus, there’s free parking. What more do you need to plan out your Belgian springtime?

Arboretum Kalmthout | Visit Flanders

11. Visit nature at Arboretum Kalmthout

🧭Kalmthout, Antwerp

Just a short drive from Antwerp lies the natural sight of Arboretum Kalmthout. In Belgium’s spring, this garden is one of the best places to enjoy the cherry blossoms. Aside from the pretty flowers, you’ll also see giant trees, mini succulents, and plants from all over the word. If you want something a bit different from the usual tulip garden, pay a visit to Kalmthout. For nature lovers, continue on your journey up to the bigger Kalmthoutse Heide to see beautiful heathlands.

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12. Take a stroll at Tervuren Park


Brussels has so many awesome green spaces, but none get the spirit of spring just right like Tervuren Park. The park is known for its amazing African Museum which showcases an important history of Belgium. But spring is the best time to pay this place a visit. Right at the front of the park is the French-style flower garden. Wander the flower beds and spot water lilies floating alongside the statues in the river. Floating statues? Yes. Check out more detail on Tervuren below!

That’s it for our favourite spring gardens in Belgium. This little country has so many awesome sights to see for nature lovers. Check out our guide to Haspengouw for even more flower power this spring.

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