Europe’s last jungle revealed - Perućica Rainforest

Ljiljana Krejic | Live the World

November 23, 2022

When it comes to jungles, what is the first place you think of? Amazon? Sri Lanka? Uganda? What about Europe? Do you know any? If not, you are on the right page to reveal perhaps the best-kept touristic secret in Europe - Perućica Rainforest in southeastern Bosnia & Herzegovina. Here is your ultimate guide on Europe's last jungle

How to reach Perućica Rainforest

© Wikimedia Commons / 00cska00

Whether you come from Sarajevo, the capital city, or Trebinje, the southernmost beauty of Bosnia & Herzegovina, keep in mind that Perućica Rainforest is some 100 km away from both locations. These rightly called "lungs of Europe" are part of Sutjeska National Park, the oldest and the largest in Bosnia & Herzegovina. Some of the trees here are more than 300 years old. Situated almost on the border with Montenegro, Perućica Rainforest is one of Europe's two remaining primaeval forests. No wonder this unique place was inscribed in the tentative list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Bosnia's top-notch hidden gem

© National Park Sutjeska / unknown author

You should know that very few people had a chance to discover this place due to the extremely rough landscape. With highly dense forests, some parts of the jungle are even inaccessible. Another priceless wealth of Perućica is its flora and fauna. A significant number of rare and endemic species live here, such as exceptional examples of beech, fir and spruce.

Hiking vs. off-roading

© National Park Sutjeska / unknown author

Due to its beauty and richness, the rainforest Perucica was declared a strictly protected nature reserve exclusively used for science and education. Therefore, you can visit it only with a licensed tour guide. Perhaps the best way to see Europe’s last jungle is to opt for the Perućica safari, exciting off-roading with all-terrain vehicles. For those who want a longer tour, there is an option for a jeep safari on Bosnia’s most beautiful mountain – Mt. Zelengora and some of its eight glacial lakes, where you can check how European Yosemite looks like from an eagle’s perspective.

Impressive Skakavac Waterfall

© National Park Sutjeska / unknown author

If you are a nature lover (you definitely are if you landed on this page), there is a lot to love about this part of Bosnia & Herzegovina. Not only is Perućica surrounded by the highest country’s mountain peaks - Maglic (2386 m), Volujak (1978 m) and Snjeznica (1804 m), but it also hides an impressive Skakavac Waterfall, which plunges off a cliff that is 75 m high. So if climbing the rocks only to jump off the dazzling rapids and crystal-clear water, followed by some rope work and sliding through narrow gorges, sounds great, then canyoning Hrčavka is the right choice for you.

Where to stay?

When you come to explore Perućica Rainforest, finding accommodation might be a bit tricky. Hence, I have two suggestions for you that will make your stay even more enjoyable - Vila Volujak and Vila Maglić. Both villas are actually charming wooden cottages boasting a seasonal outdoor swimming pool and stunning mountain views. Vila Maglić even has a sauna. They are situated at Tjentište, the starting point for all your trips. An à la carte, continental or vegetarian breakfast is available every morning at the property. 

Be the first to discover Europe's last jungle

© istock / vpopovic

Europe's last jungle has just been revealed to you. So next time you want to explore a jungle, you do not need to go to South America, Africa or Asia because you also have a perfect European destination. It will take you much less time and money, plus you will be among the first ones to discover Perućica Rainforest, a top natural treasure of Bosnia & Herzegovina.

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