Éclair paradise at French Revolution in Bucharest

Iulia Condrea | Live the World

November 23, 2022

People are creatures of habit. Once we find something that we really enjoy, it’s safe to say that we will go back to it, to get that feeling of fulfillment again. I am of no exception. When it comes to food, I have a favorite pasta place in Venice, an amazing vegan restaurant choice in Krakow and a wonderful ice-cream shop in Budapest. The same goes for Bucharest, Romania’s capital, the place that I call home. Burger Van Bistro is where I always satiate my burger craving, and when it comes to something sweet, I always go to French Revolution. This minimalist cake shop introduced me to éclair paradise in Bucharest.

What makes an éclair perfect?

To an outsider that doesn’t work in the cake business, to make an éclair doesn’t appear to be much of a struggle. But when it comes down to it, the éclair is a choux-type cake that not many get right. The choux is a dough that once baked is hollow on the inside. All that emptiness is filled with delicious custard, and the top of the choux is topped with icing

Picture © Credit to: Iulia Condrea

The quality of the ingredients separates an amazing éclair from the industrially made ones. Good butter, a key ingredient in making éclairs, springs taste buds to life and makes an éclair stand out. A great éclair has the perfect ratio of dough and crème. The choux shouldn’t be leaking once filled, the top of the éclair should be smooth so that the icing will spread evenly, and the éclair should also be a bit crispy.

Picture © Credit to: Iulia Condrea

French Revolution’s éclairs

The creators of French Revolution take pride in their products. Their 18 types of éclairs are a delightful combination of taste, delicacy, and precision. But as much as they are beautiful and admired, the pleasure of eating them is far greater. Once you take a bite, you feel the quality of the ingredients. It is impossible not to notice it since the flavors are so intense.

French Revolution cake shop has the classic éclairs that everybody loves, like vanilla with cream and dark chocolate. Most of their other éclairs come with a twist. Their top selling products are the salted caramel and pistachio creations, though one can also find éclairs with mascarpone and raspberry, orange and ginger, pralines and pecan nuts, or passion fruit

Picture © Credit to: Iulia Condrea

The cake shop also serves hot beverages like coffee, teas, and hot chocolate. In the warmer season, they make cold brews which help one stay cool while enjoying an éclair on the terrace. If you’d rather enjoy them after a full day of visiting Bucharest, then take advantage of their reserving service and set aside your favorite goodies so that they won’t run out of them. 

Where to find French Revolution.

There are two French Revolution cake shops in Bucharest. The smaller location is situated next to the Athenaeum of Bucharest, while the larger one can be found in Victoriei Square. Both cake shops are surrounded by museums and old buildings. The shop in Victoria Square is a modern glass building, which at its base has a couple of restaurants and coffee shops. In the summer, there are hanging plants cascading down the glass walls, making the shop a corner of nature in the capital. The shop here is minimalist, putting the focus on their products, rather than on the decorations. 

Picture © Credit to: Iulia Condrea

If you never thought you needed to discover éclair paradise, then think again. Because once you have tasted a French Revolution's éclair, you can never go back. Bucharest gathered in its grasp talented people from all domains that are trying to make a name for themselves. French Revolution is certainly on everybody’s lips in the capital, when it comes to delicious éclairs. Try them and you’ll want to spread the word. Éclair paradise is in Romania, in Bucharest

Picture © Credit to: Iulia Condrea

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