Gourmet's bistro in Bucharest: Burger Van Bistro

Eva Poteaca | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Have you ever walked around an old city aimlessly? The saying goes that good things come to those who don't expect it. This is most definitely true. During one of my many walks in the city that I love, I have discovered this gourmet's bistro. Burger Van Bistro is a tiny bistro found in Romania's capital, Bucharest. Narrow streets envelop it so not only will you have an amazing view, but you can have a taste of the wonders it beholds.

Picture © Credit to: Pixabay/nashart

How it all started?

The place isn't called Burger Van Bistro for no reason. Young entrepreneurs wanted to make delicious food in the vans throughout the city. The first van was a major success, and the waiting line seemed never-ending. This success prompted the opening of two permanent locations in Bucharest, one of these being Burger Van Bistro

Picture © Credit to: Iulia Condrea

Both locations are small but have a great vibe. The owners of the bistro didn't need to choose a location right on the main street of the city center. They knew that wherever they opened, the burgers would gather people around from all over the city. And they were right, as the bistro gathers people here daily.

Only the best ingredients

Burger Van Bistro uses only top ingredients for their burgers and sandwiches. Suppliers bring fresh meat each morning. This way they don't use any frozen pork or beef meat. The ingredients are simple, but the way they mix them together assures that your taste buds will be pleased. 

Picture © Credit to: Iulia Condrea

Besides the burgers and sandwiches, the bistro also offers soups, ribs, fries, and salads. The fries come with different sauces, like jalapeno cheddar, aioli, and parsley. The pulled pork sandwiches are simply a delight, almost melting in your mouth. The portions are pretty big, and the meat still sizzles when they bring the food in front of you. 

Accompanying this delicious food is complimentary water infused with cucumbers or fruits. This will surely give you extra energy for your pending walks through the city. 

Picture © Credit to: Iulia Condrea

The location

The location of Burger Van Bistro is one that urges you to make friends. There are two seating areas. The first one is where they make the food, and the second is across the street. The location across the street has more seating arrangements. In both spaces, people can easily make friends due to the fact that Romania people are famous for being friendly. Bucharest is a multicultural city and thus has a diverse population. Thanks to this, you can meet all sorts of people in this bistro, from all over the world. If you want to read more about this kind of cuisine and maybe learn some tricks you can use at home, feel free to read some of the books the owners prepared for you.

Picture © Credit to: Iulia Condrea

The decor is colorful and fun. There is a big chalkboard, where visitors can write their names or what they thought about the food. Tens of new messages and emojis appear each day.

Picture © Credit to: Iulia Condrea

The staff is small but pleasant, and the music is relaxing. Recycling and being as environmentally friendly as possible are important to the owners. That is why they urge all visitors to throw the materials in the right bins after they finish eating. 

If you have a love for food and want to pay a visit to the gourmet's bistro, know that Burger Van Bistro in Bucharest is the place for you. Have some delicious food, and make friends over the love for a burger. 

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