Dive into Parajanov's creative world in Yerevan

Lusine Vardanyan | Live the World

November 23, 2022

It does not matter what kind of tourism you are in favor of, there is something that all tourists just cannot pass by - art & culture.  Taking this into consideration, today I will talk about an artist who managed to create his own culture within the Armenian one. Art is one of the best ways to stay remembered and Parajanov, with his works, will remain as one of the greatest artists of Armenia. This article will tell you about Parajanov and his museum in Yerevan, where you can dive into his creative world

Sergey Parajanov

Sergey Parajanov was born in 1924. He was a Soviet cinematographer and an artist who contributed a lot to the development of the Soviet cinematography. He was very different from other cinematographers, as he had an authentic approach and style. We all know what can be the level of the creativity of artists, but back in the Soviet times, the authorities put some limitations on artistic styles. Since Parajanov never recognized those limitations, he was persecuted and imprisoned several times. People really liked his art, and he became very famous. 

Picture © credits to Flicker/bswise

The prizes Parajanov got for his films include but are not limited to the Mar del Plata Film Festival, Istanbul International Film Festival, Nika Awards, Rotterdam International Film Festival, Sitges - Catalan International Film Festival, São Paulo International Film Festival prizes, etc. 

Parajanov’s films are quite complicated, and it is very difficult to catch his ideas. They make you think and analyze, and after your efforts, you will understand it fully. Besides movies, he also created other artworks you can get familiar with at his museum.

Parajanov museum

Sergey Parajanov’s Museum is located in Yerevan. It was founded in 1988. It is at walking distance from the city center. From the museum's yard opens a nice view to the Hrazdan gorge. 

Picture © credits to iStock/Travel Photography

Parajanov’s Museum has a very artistic atmosphere. It houses hundreds of artworks made by the artist, including paintings, collages and different accessories, film sketches, hand-made dolls, furniture and personal items of the artist. In his works, the artist uses random materials and objects. When the guide tells you a story of each item presented, you realize how fun and kind person he was. There are also the screens, where you can watch the pieces of Parajanov’s films. It is considered to be one of the most visited museums of Yerevan. 

Picture © credits to Flicker/Maria Gavrilova

Should you make a museum crawl in Yerevan, it would be good to put Parajanov’s Museum on the list, as it will make you become a part of Parajanov’s creative world, where you will dive into art and culture for some time. 

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