Discover Copenhagen's stunning view from the Round Tower

Masa Mesic | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Compared to other capitals of the world, Copenhagen is not a major hub when it comes to sightseeing. That being said, there’s still plenty to do and see, and experience the day-to-day life of the local Copenhageners. Whether you are just passing through Copenhagen or spending a few days in the city, visiting the Copenhagen Round Tower is really a must. 

The Round Tower is located in central Copenhagen on Købmagergade street and can be found right in the middle of the main shopping area. The Round Tower dates back to the 17th century, and it is one of the oldest observatories in Europe even though it is only 36 meters tall. Don’t let the height disappoint you. No, this is not Paris Eiffel Tower; however, a visit will really be worth the view from the very top.    

© Masa Mesic

As you reach the Round Tower door, you will have to purchase a ticket, after which you can follow the spiral path, which will lead you to the top of the tower. Walking the path rather than climbing stairs makes it much easier to reach the top, especially if you are heading there with kids. The path is about 270 meters long. 

Once you start to climb the spiral path, you will come across a small door opening, giving you a unique view of a church and an altar- note that this is not the main entrance to the church though. If you continue climbing, you will come across the library hall, where some of the most well known Danish writers, such as Hans Christian Andersen, used to spend time.   

© Masa Mesic

Keep walking up the spiral path, and you will reach a rather unique and somewhat scary attraction. It’s a glass-floating floor, which stands 25 meters above the ground, and from which you can see the infrastructure that holds the tower as well as the bottom end of the tower. Standing on the glass floor is a personal decision, and should be taken at your own risk. Although, do remember that you are in Denmark, where standards are pretty high, and safety comes first. If it comforts you in any way, the platform can hold up to 900 kg of weight.

© Masa Mesic

Alright, coming to the top of the Tower is the most exciting part, as you might have imagined. The last part of the climb does involve climbing up a few sets of stairs, and muddling through human traffic jams, but don’t despair. Once you reach the top, there is plenty of space to absorb all the sights and the magnificent view of the city. As you walk around the platform, there will be a framed guide indicating the direction you are facing and also what you see in front of you.    

© Masa Mesic

I would recommend ideally going up the Round Tower when the weather is clear (a bit of overcast is okay too), otherwise, it won’t be worthwhile the visit. 

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