Discover Albania - Gjirokastra & Berat

Elda Ndoja | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Sometimes words are not enough when you want to express something and it becomes a bit difficult when you want to explain others the things that exist in your mind. And in particular, it is slightly hard to use only words to describe your country.

For this very reason, in this article I will try to give you a short ride in Albania through photos. All photos in this post will be choosen very carefully and without too many filters to show you the real Albania, as it is.

Have a nice visit!


Berat is a city located in the south central of Albania. In July 2008, this city became part of UNESCO World Heritage List. Berat is very famous for its amazing architecture, culture and history. Above the city, lies Tomorr mountain which has an interesting legend. According to that, Tomorr mountain was firstly a giant that fought with another giant for a young woman. They ended up both dead and as a result the young woman drowned in her tears, which then became the Osum river. Berat is known by albanians as the city of "One above another Windows" due to its architecture.

#ThingsToVisit in Berat. You don't want to miss all the beauty, art and history that Berat has to offer. I suggest you to go visit the Castle, Ethnographic Museum, Onufri Museum, Chapel of Saint Michael and Mangalem quarter.


Gjirokastra,The City of Stone.

Gjirokastra is also part of UNESCO World Heritage List. This city, without doubt is one of the most attractive places that Albania has. Gjirokastra has a particular feauture that distinguishes her from other cities...It's all made of stone and even houses look like small fortresses. Also, the biggest castle in Albania is that of Gjirokastra.

#ThingsToVisit in Gjirokastra. The castle , Ethnographic Museum, Zekataj's House,Skendulaj House,Ismail Kadare House(the most famous albanian writer).


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