Dinosaurs around Bergamo

Eleonora Ruzzenenti | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Piazza Cittadella, one of the main square of the upper city, just in front of the Caffi Museum, is dominated by a huge Diplodocus. At the train station to welcome tourists there is an Indricotherium, while a Pachyrhinosaurus wanders around Piazza Vittorio Veneto, close to the Donizetti Theatre. We could not miss the very famous Tyrannosaurus rejust outside the new Papa Giovanni XXIII hospital.

The idea of ​​invading the center from prehistoric creatures at full size is becoming more and more popular: it is a side event to an exhibition "Noi abbiamo 100 anni, loro molti di più: Dinosauri al museo", to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Caffi Natural Science Museum. The actual exhibition is set up from 10 March to 30 September in the spaces of Piazza Cittadella: 50 life-size dinosaurs, as well as reproductions of other extinct animals, fossils, casts, reconstructions and stuffed animals. The exhibition is organized by the Municipality of Bergamo and models were made ad hoc by the Geomodel team on the most important paleontological finds on display, such as the fossil of the Italophlebia dragonfly discovered during the excavation of the museum in Valle Imagna, the fossil of the Mystriosuchus phytosaurus discovered in 1995 in Zogno, the fossil cast of the Citipati dinosaur, (the famous skeleton of BigMama on the nest). Among the protagonists of the exhibition there will also be some species symbol of extinction such as the Migratory Dove and the Tilacino, both sharing the sad destiny caused by irresponsible human behavior.

A series of event days has also been created that will cover the weekends of the entire opening period of the exhibition with cultural proposals open to all and laboratories. The activities will be free after the purchase of the entrance ticket to the exhibition. Finally, there will also be multimedia posts and numerous films. Throughout the period of opening, from March to September, the Caffi Museum will be open from Tuesday to Friday 9-13 and 14.30 -18. Saturday, Sunday and holidays, open 10-19. The ticket price will be 8 euros for adults (from 18 years of age), 4 euros (from 4 to 18 years).

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