Denmark’s top 3 golf courses

Masa Mesic | Live the World

November 23, 2022

The world of golf has a rather different reputation in different parts of the world. While in some countries and cultures it is perceived as an upper-class sport for snobs, in Scandinavia, golf is a popular and affordable sport for everyone. 

Denmark, in particular, is an excellent country for golf and offers over 200 golf courses across the entire country. The perk about playing golf in Denmark is also the abundant greenery and thick grass conditions derived from the wet yet not cold climate. Another exciting benefit of playing golf in Denmark is the low cost of the green fees (the golf entry fee). 

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Even though the Nordics, in general, are some of the most costly European countries, well, when it comes to golf, Denmark actually becomes one of the most affordable countries to play in. As already mentioned, the country has an abundance of courses which are located inland, along the coastline as well as on some smaller islands, like Æro. Some courses also provide on-site accommodation, which allows you to turn your trip into a mini-holiday. 

This golf guide will certainly not cover all the golf courses in Denmark but will provide you with information about some of the most popular and authentic courses across the country.   

The Scandinavian 

The Scandinavian is one of the most popular golf courses and has been ranked as number one for years. It is a 36-hole course, located northwest of Copenhagen, and came into existence in 2010. It also has a sister course which is called The New Scandinavian and opened a year later. Accuracy and precision are key at this course, where players can easily misread the direction and the size of the sand bunkers. This gold course, in particular, is also famous for its clubhouse, which resembles a cathedral-like building on a massive green property, offering to its players an additional charm. 

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Great Northern

The Great Northern is the second-best pick, located around 20 kilometers northeast of Odense, on the island of Funen. This course is ideally located for anyone that wants to explore Funen and its main towns; it is a rather popular summer destination for a holiday. Right, this golf course is, of course, something special, and dates back to 2017. During its construction, seven artificial lakes have been built as part of the course, which makes your game more scenic but also challenging at times. As you approach the 14th hole, you will also get a fantastic view of the Storebælt Bridge, which connects the islands of Funen and Zealand. 

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Lubker golf & resort

'Lubker golf course and resort' dates back to 2008, and it is located about 40 kilometers northeast of Aarhus. Lubker also includes a hotel and holiday apartments which turn the golf course more into a holiday resort. The course is made up of 36 holes, divided into three loops of 9 holes; they are named Sand, Sky, and Forest. Though it is a rather tough and demanding golf course, it is also a great place to learn and train with its onsite academy. 

© Masa Mesic

Whether you are a big golfer or only a beginner, if you want to perfect your golf swing, Denmark has a great variety of golf courses situated all across the country, at rather affordable prices compared to the rest of Europe.  Enjoy! 

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