Dary Ziemi food market in Gdynia

Paulina Kulczycki | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Poland is known for its amazing plane fares and good (and strong) alcohol. Thus it goes without saying that a visit to Poland will be an absolutely culinary event! One of the best food markets in the tri-city is the festival Dary Ziemi (which translates into "gifts of the earth"). On this event in the Park Kolibki in Gdynia, you’ll be able to find traditional local products with an emphasis on the Podhale region ­– famous for its characteristic highlander crafts, foods, and music. Come to Dary Ziemi Food Market in Gdynia to experience the authenticity of Polish culture.

© Paulina Kulczycki

I love the "highlander" vibes in the south of Poland. Having found an event in the very north with its typical dishes, hot fruit wines, natural products, woodcraft, and wool accessories, made me super excited – especially because it also features vegan food trucks and booths with healthy products, organic vegetables from local farmers and superfood products, like fermented beetroot juices and omega-3 oils. While some bands play lively Balkan music on stage, people are sitting around a bonfire in the middle of the field or on blankets in the grass, enjoying great food, strong drinks, and the rustic atmosphere. The highlight was however not my mind-blowing vegan burger with its amazing nettle-garlic-veganaise, but the great selection of natural cosmetics. I bought homemade lotions and body scrubs based on coconut oil, shea butter, and essential oils. And if you like to shop sustainably and from local producers, you will also find loads of great souvenirs like interior design products and jewelry.

© Paulina Kulczycki

The market is taking place twice a year – always for a long weekend in May and September – and became a popular event for families, locals, and tourists. So if you want to enjoy fantastic food in a typically Polish event with "highlander" vibes, as well as to buy organic products and the "gifts of the earth," visit Dary Ziemi food Market in Gdynia. For me, it is the nicest market I experienced in the tri-city after the yearly Jarmark Dominikanski.

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