Jarmark Dominikański: The Midsummer City Festival in Gdańsk

Paulina Kulczycki | Live the World

November 23, 2022

The best time to travel to Gdańsk is definitely in midsummer, during the legendary city festival St. Dominic's Fair, or in polish Jarmark Dominikanski. For three weeks, the entire Tri-City turns into a stage for street art, travelling circuses, concerts, fireworks, antique markets and most importantly: an insane amount of authentic and delicious street food. During these days you will sure be entertained by the many attractions and activities. You will also become will acquainted with the traditional dishes of the Polish culture, like the kale stew "Bigos", the dumplings "Pierogi" – which come with different savory and sweet fillings – or the sour soup "Zurek" that is served in a bread crust.

The festival counts 758 years of tradition, 6 million visitors a year, 1000 stalls around the entire city of Gdańsk and 23 days of cultural enternatinment: That's the world-famous St. Dominic's Fair! Today the bustling and colorful street festival is not only the biggest tourist attraction of the summer season in Gdańsk, but also the largest outdoor trade and cultural event in Poland (and one of the largest in Europe). During these sunny midsummer days, the picturesque street alleys oft** the Tri-City are full of musicians, mimes and colorful figures. **You will hear live music from almost every bar, you'll eat incredibly tasty food on every corner and you'll have the chance to find unique handcrafted items from craftsmen, artists and antique traders. Curiosities and art works that you surely won't find anywhere else!

Next to the countless workshops, theater performances, games and activities, you'll most importantly find an insane amount of regional and exotic delicacies: pastries, cheese, sausages, spices, coffee, tea and liqueurs. Come and experience the Tri-City during the most beautiful season of the year: Get carried away by the friendly and joyful atmosphere of the St. Dominic's Fair, providing unforgettable midsummer experiences and beautiful memories in the magical city of Gdańsk.

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