Dalmatian wines: nothing is complete without a glass of wine

Marko Radojević | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Once I wrote about Dalmatian cuisine. But, you will agree with me that none of those delicious dishes is complete without a glass of wine. And if you are still in Dalmatia, wait and read these next few lines. I will introduce you to a gorgeous tradition of Dalmatian wine-making and make you prolong your vacation here because you didn’t try the best of Dalmatia yet!

Dalmatian vineyards dating back to the time when Greeks and Romans were ruling these regions.* They stretch on the slopes of the hills and surrounding many wineries with a magnificent view on the Adriatic sea. Besides world famous wine names such as Sauvignon, Cabernet, and Merlot, here you can try wines from domestic varieties of grapes. On every corner of Dalmatia raises the new and very special type of grape**. Wherever you find yourself in Dalmatia county, try to taste local wine, that's how you will taste the life there. Most popular domestic red wines here are Plavac Mali (“Small blue”), the most popular red wine on Adriatic coast and in the whole of Croatia, with high percentage of alcohol and tannins, and strong recognizable flavor, Babić from Primošten (visiting restaurant Meastral would be the great option to taste great Dalmatian wines), Dingač and Postup *from Pelješac peninsula (while in Korčula island restaurant Filippi will be the choice no. 1 for having the best glass of wine), *Znfandel (Crljenak) from Kaštela,** **while the white wines there are Pošip and Grk (“Greek”) from Korčula island, Bogdanuša, Vugava from Hvar, Malvazija from Dubrovnik and Kujundžuša *from Imotski hills.


To be clear, Croatia has high-quality wines, and Dalmatia is the pioneer of wine-making of the whole Balkan region. But, if you come across Dalmatia via some side road, be sure that it will lead you to see fairy-tale landscapes and meet wise old people who will teach you of very different ways of drinking wine. So, don’t be surprised if you see villagers drinking wine diluted with sparkly water (mostly white wine), or even red wine with goat milk! Let’s pack our bags and let the wine roads lead us through Dalmatia!


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