Cyprus' best beaches to soak up the sun (part 2)

Anastasia Bartzi | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Cyprus is famous for its beautiful landscape, the sunny days, its amazing food and the history. It is inconceivable amazing how much beauty and history can be offered in such a small island. Specifically, Cyprus is famous for its beautiful beaches with the crystal clear waters and the golden sand. Let's have a look at some of them! 

Fig Tree Beach

Ideal for all ages, this is the perfect place to do water sports. The beach is 500m long and its name was given after the fig trees that can be found near the coast. Crystal clear waters, golden soft sand and a small islet, which can be reached by swimming, guarantee an unforgettable experience. The islet is located at the north end of the bay, which maintains the sea's calm atmosphere and creates this incredible coast portrait. 

Picture © Credits to istock/ 2018 G.C.T.Z. BIG MAP LTD. All Rights Reserved.

Between Ca[pe Greko]( and the Fig Tree Beach,  a 4 km stretch rocky cliffy beach can be found. Only two kilometres south of the Fig Tree Beach, the landscape changes dramatically. Deeply indented headland and a cluster of small but attractive beaches, provide a different kind of experience, more relaxed and less crowded.

Picture © Credits to istock/ 2018 G.C.T.Z. BIG MAP LTD. All Rights Reserved.

If you're looking for your personal isolated paradise on earth, Vyzakia beach is the place to be. Only a few kilometres away from Nissia Beach, this little hidden beach will give you the peace that you were looking for. The name of the beach was given after the rocky bottom of the sea and the existence of rocks around the beach. Crystal clear waters, rocky background, and a few umbrellas with sunbeds, create the perfect place to relax and to enjoy your day.

Picture © Credits to istock/ 2018 G.C.T.Z. BIG MAP LTD. All Rights Reserved.

In contrast to the rocky hills of the surroundings and the rocky beaches that can be found to the road of Agia Triada, this one offers the fairly flat golden sandy beach that everyone's looking for.

About 4 kilometers north of Portaras, Agia Trias or Agia Triada is easily accessible. The enclosed bay has an attractive fishing boat harbour on the southern side, above which the small modern church of Agia Triada -that gives the beach its name- dominates.

The location of the beach is also offering good walking trails both north and south, with the northern trails heading through a rocky countryside and the southern trail offering  more flat routes. 

Picture © Credits to istock/ f8grapher

Whether you need your beach rocky, smoothy, crowded or personalised, the province of Protaras can give you everything you need in only a few minutes away from the city center. So whatever your preference is, make sure that you explore the area! 

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