Cyprus' best beaches to soak up the sun (part 1)

Anastasia Bartzi | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Cyprus is famous for its beautiful landscape, the sunny days, its amazing food and the history. It is inconceivable amazing how much beauty and history can be offered in such a small island. Specifically, Cyprus is famous for its beautiful beaches with the crystal clear waters and the golden sand. Let's have a look at some of them! 

Agia Thekla beach

As you can imagine by the name of the beach and the so far history of the island, the name of this beach has been given after the Saint Agia Thekla, to whom the nearby carved temple and the white church are also dedicated.

Only to 6.5 kilometres away from the center of famous Agia Napa,  this 300 metre long beach can offer to the holidaymakers a unique experience. A sandy beach combined with a rocky sea bottom, it can be said that this beach has just come out from a movie. Crystal clear waters with golden sands can give you all that you were looking for; get ready for your vacations in an exotic place.

Picture © Credits to istock/ jon11.

Megali Makronisos beach

Crystal clear waters, fine golden sand and a peaceful silence that it is just priceless. The beach is 350m long and it is extended in different directions, so as to give pleasure to everyone that wants to visit this little paradise.

It is located 5 kilometres away from the famous resort of Ayia Napa and offers a more familiar and relaxing kind of holiday, especially ideal for the nature lovers.

Nissi Beach beach

"The famous of the famous!". The place that everyone talks about! The place to be! This beach is universally popular with the lovers of the  "big" life and with those that want to experience "a touch of paradise". The Island or Nisi in greek, is one of the most famous destinations in the world.

This beach was named Nisi because in the west part of it there's a little island, which is linked to the beach through sandy paths. Its disposition was caused due to the low depth of the water and the movement of the sea currents. 

Picture © Credits to istock/ mnf74.

Konnos beach

A hidden paradise that comes through a forest area. Konnos beach is the hidden diamond of the area. A small bay that can be found while crossing a path full of trees. This is the path that drives you to the little paradise. It is the last beach of the province, which defines the borders between Ayia Napa and Paralimni.

If you wanna access the beach, you need to go down the hill. Before accessing it, remember that Konnos can offer you spectacular and breathtaking views from the top of the hill.

When you find yourself around there, don't miss out on joining a scuba-diving experience.

Picture © Credits to istock/ iskrinka74

Pantaxou beach

This beach is famous for the "Syrtaki of Alexis Zorbas". Back to 2007, 300 dancers performed the famous Syrtaki of Alexis Zorbas in the little port that is located next to the beach.  After this incredible cultural show, Pantaxou transformed in one of the most famous beaches of the world.

Awarded with the blue flag, this beach is what a person needs to relax and to enjoy a gentle break from the daily routine.

Stay tuned, part two is about to be released soon :D 

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