Cyclop's Eye & Bovilla Lake in Tirana

Elda Ndoja | Live the World

November 23, 2022

The nature of Albania is simply amazing and it's the best part of it. You have the chance to explore the wild nature in the north of Albania and the possibility to enjoy the pristine beaches of the south. A mix of everything found in this small country waiting for you to discover it.

Bovilla Lake


(c) Credits to Desarashimi1

Bovilla is about 45 minutes north east of Tirana next to a beautiful reservoir. The lake is surrounded by a mountain range, like the mountains of Brari and Mount Gamti in which climbing is very popular in every season of the year. Outdoor activities such as mountain climbing and rock climbing as well as mountain cycling are all possible here. In the last 3 years, this place became a touristic destination for all enthusiastic and passionate people who love to go on an adventure every day. Furthermore, this place offers great panoramic views, a peaceful nature and the chance to escape from the city noise. In this area some tour guides offer an itinerary for walking, hiking and climbing on rocks. The itineraries vary in difficulty degrees, from simple ones to more difficult ones.

Cyclop's Eye


Cyclop's Eye is situated in Krrabe Village, near Tirana. According to a legend, the Cyclop during a duel fight with a beast,fell into the abyss and lost an eye and his heart. His eye and heart create a basin with cold water, where you can dive in 5 meters depths. This place has quickly become one of the most favorite destinations for locals and tourists also. This natural hi[dden gem](, located in Krraba outfall, attracts everyday more and more people who want don't want to live in their comfort zones but who push themselves to discover what's hidden and to fully enjoy themselves. Beside the breathtaking views, Cyclops Eye offers the opportunity to take a bath during hot days. Another advantage of this tourist destination is its location in proximity of Tirana, reachable with low cost of transportation. Cyclops requires an adventurous spirit because the terrain in this area is a little difficult and it requires a bit of effort. Cyclop's Eye is also perfect for outdoor activities and that makes it more interesting.

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