Cullera, the city of leisure and relaxation

Helena Guerrero Gonzalez | Live the World

November 23, 2022

The Valencian Community has some of the best landscapes in Spain, and it is famous for its incredible beaches and its delicious and healthy Mediterranean diet. There are several towns in the community worth visiting, which are not very well known amongst Europeans (but quite well known amongst Spanish and local people). However, I have noticed that many of the tourists that come to visit the capital of the community, Va[lencia](, are also interested in spending time not just exploring the capital, but also visiting some of these small towns located close to the city. I have had the opportunity to explore some of the best towns, like the quiet but amazing Xá[tiva]( and its castle amongst others. But in this story, I am going to tell you about a particular place called Cullera that offers activities and experiences for all types of audiences, ranging from big resorts, beaches, festivals, lakes, towers and museums to viewpoints and a fantastic castle with lots of events going on. Check out some of the resorts below, if you are keen on finding nice accommodation.

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Cullera's exquisite cuisine 

Cullera is a town of Valencia in the Valencian Community in Spain, situated in the Ribera Baixa comarca. It is only 40 km away from the city of Valencia and offers visitors an exceptional environment, a vast cultural offering and delicious cuisine based on a rich selection of vegetables. In Cullera's orchards, there are many citrus crops (oranges, mandarins, and lemons), as well as fish and seafood from the Mediterranean sea. Alongside this, it is important for you to be aware of the different ways people prepare paellas and rice in restaurants: arroz al horno, arroz a banda, arroz del señoret (my favourite one) etc… Check out this amazing restaurant below where you will be able to try the best rice in Cullera.

Climb to Cullera’s Castle and enjoy its great views

One of the best landmarks is its castle, which is accessible by car or on foot. I always recommend climbing there and enjoying the narrow streets through the town, the smell of the plants and flowers and the nice weather. If you decide to climb on foot, you should wear good shoes because there is a considerable slope. The ascent can be slightly tiring, but the rewards for reaching the top are spectacular views over the entire region, the city and the Rio JúcarCullera's castle offers guided tours to visit its museum halls and the weapons rooms.

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The castle is also the emblem of Cullera and historical vestige of the population from Muslim and later Christian times. The castle has a rich history and is the most unique element of local heritage. Besides, the sanctuary from the 19th century with the patron saint of Cullera, the popular Moreneta, also has an important cultural function. There is a modern lift to access the sanctuary. The Cullera Castle complex comprises the primitive Arabic bulwark of the 13th century, formed by the Torre del Baluarte, Torre Mayor, Torre de Sueca and Torre Redonda, linked by a modified walled enclosure. From the castle descends the pedestrian ramp that joins the city in the form of a zig-zag path. In its lower part, as the entrance to what was the Arab walled enclosure is the Torre de la Reina Mora or Santa Ana (the most popular one). From it, there was a road protected by a high wall that ended in another tower in front of the sea called La Miranda. Why not experience this yourself? 

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Enjoy a perfect and unforgettable holiday in the beautiful city of Cullera, visit its castles, enjoy the views and find the activities that suit you the best, spending time on its great beaches and eating Mediterranean and healthy food.

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