Cuitat Vella - relaxed heart of Valencia

Valencia is my new home, and after almost a month of living here, I don't plan on being shy about writing about just how fantastic a place it is. I came here expecting a more multi-cultural experience, and I have been blown away by the way the city combines typical and traditional Spanish parts with modern, eclectic and eccentric features that make for a really fun lifestyle. This article is about the neighborhood in the northern part of the centre of Valencia, called Cuitat Vella (Beautiful City in Valenciano). For more about the parks of Valencia see the link. For an overview of Valencia see here, and to find out how to get around Valencia see here.

Tree-lined avenues

It would be difficult for me to overstate my love of avenues with trees curving out over the road. The ambience and atmosphere they create make me fall in love whenever I see them, and Valencia has plenty.

The photo above is of Carrer de Sant Vicent Martir, a really central and important street in the area, with churches, restaurants and offices all packed into one colourful and lively road. This road connects the centre of the city with the northern areas (we are only talking about a 10-15 minute walk) and is the ideal way to transition from the commercial busy-hectic Xativa area to these more quiet and different parts.

Small streets, open squares and cathedrals

One of my favourite parts of any Spanish city is the small little winding roads that really show the age and tradition of these places. In Valencia you can find hundreds, and I'm not going to highlight any one in particular (you can't help but find them if you wander in the Cuitat Vella area) but I wanted to talk a little about them and show you some photos.

Most of these streets are tall and narrow, with the buildings providing some MUCH NEEDED shade in these still very hot September days. Even though I'm writing this at the end of September, temperatures are still in the mid 30's in the day and don't drop too much at night (air con recommended if you are visiting).

We walked for almost an hour from Ruzafa in the southern part of the city centre all the way up to Cuitat Vella in the northern part and honestly I don't think many cities could compete for the changing atmosphere from serious commercial districts, green park areas, wide open squares and cute little hidden streets. There is a little of everything here, and unlike many old cities that have become modernized, the blend of these harshly different parts meld together seamlessly.

This final picture was taken in a relatively large square near the Valencia Cathedral, called Plaza de la Mare de Deu (Sea of God Square) which is right next to central courthouse, the cathedral and the flea market - expect more about these locations in the future!

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