Coyhaique: where adventures of southern Chile start

Francisca Pizarro | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Coyhaique is probably one of the most beautiful cities in my beloved Chile. It is located in the Aysén Region, a place of natural richness and filled with adventures. Furthermore, the city is the starting point to many adventures in Chile's south. One of the most important things about Coyhaique is its welcoming and friendly people. The warm heart of the southern people has no match! Let's dive into the many attractions Coyhaique has to offer!

The starting point

Coyhaique is not only your starting point for adventures in the south* but also a very beautiful city where you can enjoy some great days of relaxation. The city is well-known for its amazing cuisine and marvelous beers. A*s if that was not enough, its people are lovely and welcoming beyond any expectation. Being close to many natural hotspots of immense beauty is a big plus for the city. However, Coyhaique is more than just a stop before going to the Marble Caves, The Cerro Castillo National Park or the Bertrand Front (among many others). So let´s explore a bit of this beautiful city!

© istock/Dmitry_Saparov

Aysén Regional Museum

The museum's main goal is to preserve, study, and exhibit the cultural and natural heritage of the Aysen Region. The museum is surounded by a beautiful landscape, so you will be able to enjoy the experience since the very beginning of your visit. This place took a long time to be finished, and its architecture is a mix between restored constructions that belonged to the Industrial Society of Aysen and new buildings. The exhibits and objects you can admire are as varied as well. However, I will not tell you too much, not to spoil it for you, but the museum is worth the visit if you want to learn a bit more about the Aysén Region.

© Wikimedia/Gonvuk79

Best cuisine of the south

Locals in Coyhaique say that they have one of the greatest gastronomical offers in the south of Chile. When I asked a local, she could not recommend just one place to eat or drink. 

If you are looking for traditional food, go to the Fogón Puesto Viejo. It* **is located in the heart of the city and serves traditional southern cuisine, including salmon and a classic - the "Cordero al Palo",  which roughly translates as "lamb on a stick".*

© Istock/MYamaguchi

La Esquina Tropera is a local and tourist favourite. Hamburgers and poke bowls are the specialty over here if you are looking for a bit less traditional and a lot more comfort food. Another recommended place is Mamma Gaucha, very famous for its pizzas. They also offer vegan options and are very renowned for their desserts. Both of them have a common thing - they serve "La Tropera" beer, which is an absolute must if you ever visit Coyhaique. Finally, there is "La Taberna de D'Olbek", a tavern that also serves food, but their forté is beer. The D'Olbek beer is an icon of the city, its tag has a man and a dog, which make it very recognizable, and in my experience, it is delicious!

Two Lagoons Natural Monument

Only 20 km away from Coyhaique, you can visit the Two Lagoons Natural Monument. The park's main goal is to protect different species of flora and fauna. The place is a well known natural hotspot and a very good place to practice trekking. Locals love it, and the Natural Monument is breathtaking. If you are a fan of bird watching, this is the place for you. There are a lot of different species to behold. This is one of these places I could spend days describing but would never manage to express its true beauty. So, I will let you watch it for yourself. The aura is peaceful, and I usually recommend taking deep breaths of clean air and keeping the view in your mind.

© Wikimedia/Cesarro13

Coyhaique National Reserve

There is no way I could finish this story without recomending a visit to the Coyhaique National Reserve. It is 15 minutes away from Coyhaique by car and is the perfect place to connect with nature and have a picnic. The place holds many lagoons and trails, so depending on your schedule, you can pick one. Fun dare for your trip: on your way there, ask for a "casa bruja" (witch house). This is how locals call the houses that suddenly and mysteriously appear without notice!

© Wikimedia/Natalia Reyes Escobar

A visit to Coyhaique is a very relaxing experience - the cuisine is amazing, the locals are lovely, and the most breathtaking landscapes and natural hotspots of the south of Chile are within your reach. What else could you ask for? Visit Coyhaique, where the adventures of southern Chile start and leave with memories for life.

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