Coastal hike to a picturesque French village, Collioure

Christian Stascheit | Live the World

November 23, 2022

There is a coastal hike – leading you from the southern end of Le Racou, Argelés-Sur-Mer, to the village beauty of Collioure. The 3.5 kilometers will take you around an hour and a half - accompanied by picturesque turquoise water, stony bays, and beautiful beaches. Le Racou has a hippy feel to it, and there are a couple of laid back restaurants and bars, which are less frequent as they usually are in Argelés-Sur-Mer. Arriving in Collioure, you will be stunned by the beauty of the village, it feels like being in a fairy-tale. Depending on the season, you might have to share this sensation with many tourists, but yet the village keeps its charm. It is a fantastic hike and for all of you who want to combine outdoor activity with a visit to a beautiful village. The starting point in Le Racou is located a 30 min drive from the watchtower of Madeloc **and 45 min from the Massane watchtower. From the Spanish Cadaqués,** it takes you one hour and a half to arrive at the village beauty of Collioure. So jump in the car and go for it, if you aren’t convinced yet, keep reading.  

As I've mentioned, the coastal path starts at the most southern end of Le Racou, where you should consider spending some time before or after your hike. It's an ideal spot to take in the relaxed holiday atmosphere of this part of Argelés-Sur-Mer. There is only one street in Le Racou, and it is basically full of laid back restaurants and bars where you can stop by to have a coffee, crepes, beer or whatever you feel like. There is one huge camping ground in Le Racou and apart from that just some holiday and weekend houses. If you turn left on the main street, you will get to the parking area in front of the main beach; if you continue till the end, you will arrive at a possible parking spot for the coastal hike to Collioure. There is a map explaining the hiking trail, and if you go up the stairs, there will be signposts leading your way. Consider coming back to Le Racou to enjoy the sunset at the beach.

Picture © Credits to Christian Stascheit

Along the way, you will be tempted to take a rest and dip your skin in the refreshing turquoise seawater. Take a break at one of the beautiful small bays and jump into the water. If you have a snorkel with you, try it and look for fish. The stony beaches allow the water to be crystal clear and you can spot a lot of fishes.  

Picture © Credits to Christian Stascheit

After some beautiful bays, where you shouldn’t miss out a swim, the track will lead you through a field of flowers. Sure it depends on the season, but at the beginning of July, it was like that.  

Picture © Credits to Christian Stascheit

Keep going, and the route will take you a bit more inland along a river and another campsite; after that, you will arrive at L’Quille beach, where there is a nice little restaurant. The variety of food isn’t wide, but the mussels in a special local wine sauce and the dessert were excellent for reasonable prices. Furthermore, the beach view combined with an amiable owner, (although I hardly understand French), made it a lovely break.

Picture © Credits to Christian Stascheit

After that, it isn’t far anymore to Collioure. You will be stunned by the scenery Collioure has to offer. Try to make your way down to the beach through the little alleys instead of the main street. They are beautiful, and on top, they have shade to offer.  During the day you will appreciate it.

Picture © Credits to Christian Stascheit

The port of Collioure is definitely a highlight – during summer there are a lot of concerts, so check their schedules beforehand, because it is quite an event to listen to good live music with the view on the bay, boats and the beautiful clocktower of Collioure.

Picture © Credits to Christian Stascheit

Think about staying the night, because otherwise, you have to return to Le Racou to get your car either walking or by taxi or bus.

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