Cadaqués: On the path of Salvador Dalí

Paulina Kulczycki | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Somewhere north at the Costa Brava, close to the French border, there’s a little town called Cadaqués. A town that Salvador Dalí called not only his home for 59 years, but also the muse of his surreal artwork. And while walking through the small paved streets – surrounded by white buildings with light blue roofs, covered by pink flowers – you’ll quickly sense the magic of this incredibly beautiful town. Here are some tips for a perfect day in Cadaqués, following the path of Salvador Dalí.

© Photo: alexsalcedo

A walk through the city

They say Cadaqués is the most romantic town in Spain. And once you’ll get there and see the breath-taking beauty of this place, enlightened by the reflection of the sun in the water of the sea, you’ll understand why. The typical architecture of northern Spain with its characteristic rustic facades and playful details, but also the picturesque location at the bay with the surrounding rocks, give Cadaqués its notorious image. Make sure you’ll take a walk through the old town, up the little alleys to the church and down to the many beautiful lagoons.

© Photo: LeszekCzerwonka

Café Brown Sugar

This hip little café, hidden in a cute side street in the old town, is the hotspot to meet the cool crowd of Cadaqués! The healthy and delicious menu includes a lot of vegan and vegetarian options and great smoothies! The café is always featuring good music and has a cozy and trendy interior design – including comfy beany bags outside. Enjoy a snack or drink here, before you head to a beach: good vibes and interesting talks with the locals are guaranteed!

Restaurant El Barroco

After a sunbath at the beach and a refreshing swim, you might get hungry for dinner. And the perfect place to grab tasty food in a charming atmosphere – as charming as Cadaqués itself – is the restaurant El Barroco! This oriental influenced restaurant is lead by a welcoming family, offering a great service and a menu that will mesmerize you with delicious flavours and fresh ingredients. The establishment is located in a courtyard, full of flowers and exotic plants, decorated with oriental lamps and antique furniture. Whether you want the traditional Mezze, vegan and vegetarian food or fish and meat – you’ll certainly immerge into a different world full of taste and ambience!

Sunset at Cap de Creus

One of the probably most beautiful views I’ve ever witnessed in my life, was at the top of Cap de Creus, seeing the sun setting behind the mountains on the one side and the moon rising above the horizon on the other side. This place is truly enchanting and brings a smile of pure amazement on your face, while you’re drinking a wine and hearing the sound of waves clashing against the rocks down the coast, mixing with the sweet voice of an Australian singer, playing the acoustic guitar. Cap de Creus is a huge national park with a very unique rocky environment. Salvador Dalí used to come here to get inspired by the unusual shapes and proportions of the stony nature. Spending a night in the bar on the top of the hill will be definitely the highlight of your Cadaqués experience!

© Photo: BorisBendikov

Spend a perfect day in Cadaqués, follow the path of Salvador Dalí and let this beautiful town enchant you.

© Photo Title: kasto80

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