Chile's best climbing hotspots

Francisca Pizarro | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Chile is an amazing place to practice outdoor sports. Its beautiful, varied landscapes offer the perfect setting for it. This story will focus on climbing, a very popular sport among Chileans and tourists alike. If you travel searching for the best places to climb in Latin America, Chile is a must-visit! There are endless options to enjoy your favourite sport, and I am going to share here Chile's best climbing hotspots, as revealed by local climbers. 


Cochamó is a town located in the Llanquihue region, in the south of Chile. The first thing to keep in mind: this is not a place for beginners. It requires a broad experience in multi-pitch climbing. The granite stone is what makes the place so good for the sport. It is considered to be one of the very best places in Latin America to practice climbing. The surroundings are stunning (green, filled with nature) and so is the quiet atmosphere where you can climb with no distractions! Pro tip: plan and reserve it beforehand. You have to make a reservation, this is a measure meant to protect the place further.

©Istock/Angel Mato
©Istock/Angel Mato

Las Chilcas

Las Chilcas is the hotspot for climbers in central Chile, 80 km away from Santiago de Chile. The place has over 100 climbing routes. The pros of going to Las Chilcas include easy access to the place. It has spots to camp, as well as to get water and food. The type of rock is "conglomerate", it has holes and a good texture, but keep an eye on landslides and wear a helmet! Tip: The best seasons to visit Las Chilcas are the autumn and winter because it is way too hot in the summer.

©Flickr/Roberto Herrera Pellizzari

Valle de los Cóndores

Lose yourself in nature! According to local climbers, Valle de los Cóndores is climbing paradise, and the name is no lie. You can actually see condors in here. This place is marvellous and a must-see even if you do not practice climbing. Have you ever seen an "inverted waterfall"? Here you can do so! A weird phenomenon that involves wind forms a cascade that floats up. Back to climbing, the first thing you will see is a big wall daring you to climb it. Nearly 400 routes are waiting for you. The place is divided into two sectors. One is named "Big Wall" and the other one is called "Monjes Blancos". Actually, both are great for practising your favourite sport.

©Flickr/Roberto Herrera Pellizzari


Tajgrapata is a hidden jewel among the places to climb in Chile. It is located in the north of Chile,  four hours away from Iquique. Its name means "Peñasco duro" (hard rock) in the Aymara language. It has the same kind of rock that Socaire has and also nearly 50 similar routes. The place is not meant for beginners. With its height of 100 meters above sea level, Tajgrapata is high and demanding. Keep in mind that no tourist agency comes here, so you have to find a way on your own. Try to reach Huara, and then travel 90 km to the east to reach the place. It sounds like a lot of trouble, but I swear, it is totally worth it. 


Ojo de Opache

This is a great place for every level. Located* 30 minutes away from Calama,* Ojo de Opache is a new hotspot to practice the sport in the north of Chile. Limestone is what you will encounter, besides many local trees as chañares and tamarugos. They make the place fresher and provide an even better view.


Chile's best climbing hotspots are not only breathtaking but also amazing to practice your favourite outdoor sport. While climbing them, do your best to preserve these places by not making fires and not leaving trash behind. The best tourist is the conscious one! It does not matter which destination you pick, I am sure you will have a spectacular climb to remember.

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