Cheese Trnič: the Slovenian Alpine symbol of love

The divine Alpine landscape of Slovenia is one of the main attractions popular in my country. But, hiking trails, glacier lakes, and beautiful views are not the only things the Slovenian world of mountains has to offer. I want to present to you one of the most unique and tasty products coming from this area. Cheese Trnič, or sir Trnič, is a particular type of hard cheese, made from cottage cheese, cream, and salt, carrying a rich heritage, as it's considered an ancient symbol of love. There are a lot of people out there (myself included), who are substantial cheese lovers. But, who wouldn't consider himself a fan of trying new and diverse types of foods from different cultures? This is why trying this special Slovenian type of hard cheese will not be yet another tasty treat on your hike to the Mt. Velika Planina. It will also provide a closer look into the lives of shepherds and the tradition of cheese making in Slovenia.

Picture © Credits to: Facebook / Kmetija Pr' Gabršk

An ancient symbol of love

It should be said that cheese Trnič is not a common type of hard cheese, primarily because of its shape and the story of origin. In the earlier times, this cheese was always made in pairs, decorating both parts with the same ornaments. The reason for that was because the herdsman, who created the cheese, offered one piece to his beloved one. If she accepted, it meant that she approved and encouraged his pursuit of love. This is why cheese Trnič is supposed to be an ancient symbol of love and fertility. Another indicator of this is that some say its shape is supposed to illustrate the shape of a woman’s breast. On the Mt. Velika Planina above Kamnik, the traditions of making cheese Trnič has been well preserved, and today it is one of the most recognizable souvenirs of the area. But, that is not the only place where you can find, taste, and purchase it. It is also produced on the Mt. Mala Planina and the Mt. Gojška Planina, and you can even buy it at one of the tourist providers in the town of Kamnik. 

Picture © Credits to: Facebook / Pravljica/Fairytale - Velika planina

A treat or a souvenir 

If you want to buy the original cheese Trnič, I would recommend taking a trip to Velika Planina, also known as the hiking paradise in the heart of nature. There, you will find the product at one of the traditional shepherd’s cabins, and get to know more about its history and production directly from the source. All of those not having the time, or the will, to go hiking in the Slovenian Alpine world, can also buy another version of cheese Trnič, made according to the traditional shepherd’s recipe. In the eastern part of the Kamnik-Savinja Alps, in the village of Češnjice, there is a tourist farm, called Kmetija Pr’ Gabršk. Right there, in the greenery of nature, the delicious cheeses and other dairy products are made in a traditional way. The Alpine symbol of love, cheese Trnič, is one of their most known and popular products. This product can serve as a delicious treat for cheese enthusiasts or a nice souvenir for your beloved ones, as a reminder of your time in Slovenia

Picture © Credits to: Facebook / Pravljica/Fairytale - Velika planina

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