Bukovel, a scenic active holiday spot in the Carpathian Mountains

Marusia Bilous | Live the World

November 23, 2022

The Carpathians... All the beauty and power of nature in just one word. The Carpathians Mountains are the miracle of Ukraine. In the summer, you can find there charming waterfalls hidden among dense forests. And, in the winter, you can feel extreme and brave, by conquering the steep slopes of the mountain on the skis. If you like such an option, then this story is for you. In 2000, in the heart of these beautiful mountains, at an altitude of 920 meters above the sea level, the extraordinary Bukovel ski resort was created, as a real ski paradise. Now it is a scenic active holiday spot in the Carpathian Mountains, for all seasonsI will take you on a small excursion and tell you about the benefits of this resort and other places that should be visited near Bukovel.  

Photo © credits: iStock/Belitas

Bukovel - a modern ski resort with a lot of advantages

The Bukovel resort is located in the Ivano-Frankivsk region, near Polyanytsya village. It is the largest ski resort in Eastern Europe. There is more than 60 km of ski runs and trails of different levels of complexity. If you are a newbie, you can take a couple of lessons from ski instructor in the ski school. For the professionals and experienced ski lovers, there is even a ski park with obstacles. 7 hotels, many restaurants, and cafes - this is just a small part of the resort's amenities. So grab your ski or snowboard and let's go for a ride!

Beach holiday among the picturesque mountains 

It is not necessary to go to the sea for an active beach holiday. Just visit the Molodist Lake (ref. The Youth Lake)  in Bukovel - a magical place with crystal clear water in the heart of the resort. This is the largest artificial lake in Ukraine. The width of the lake is 140 meters, and the length is 750 meters. I should warn you that the entrance to the beach is not free, but the cost of staying by the lake, including loungers will be as low as 6 euros. There are a lot of different ways to relax around the Molodist lake. You can take a ride on a catamaran, enjoy water slides, or rent a hydro cycle, a kayak, or even an SAP board. If you want to feel the thrill, you can try bungee jumping and a bike zipline above the lake. There are many cafes and restaurants along the shoreline to enjoy a relaxing day at the Molodist Lake.

Roller Coaster Zipline 

If you like crazy extreme sports, then you will enjoy the incredible Roller Coaster Zipline. This zipline differs from the usual straight and boring flights that you may have tried. Here, you can fly from a high mountain, and the height reaches up to 15 meters from the ground. The length of the route is more than 500 meters. The cost of this thrilling activity is about 10 euros. Additionally, you should note that the uplift and descent go by two different tracks.

Photo © credits: iStock/Jovanmandic

The mountains hike, picturesque waterfalls and rafting

After swimming in the lake, riding on a lift and taking a zipline flight, I suggest you relax and immerse in the true greatness of the Ukrainian Carpathians. Travel agencies in Bukovel organize beautiful excursions to the waterfalls in the mountains. If you wish, you can climb the highest peak in Ukraine - Mt. Hoverla or join a rafting tour in the mountain river Black Cheremosh. Bukovel is a scenic active holiday spot in the Carpathian Mountains. It has everything for a perfect vacation, so I advise you to pack your suitcase and head straight to the Bukovel.

Photo © credits: iStock/scanrail

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