Brauhaus in Novi Sad, tasting the best local craft beers

Milena Mihajlovic | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Considering that even ancient Vinca culture, that lived on the territory of Serbia, used to drink beer some 7000 years ago, it’s no wonder that Serbia today still has a strong beer brewing tradition. While the domestic beer brands are enough for most of the locals and can be found in both trendy and unique cafes, those with the more delicate taste will enjoy a visit to Brauhaus in Novi Sad and tasting some of their local craft beers.

Craft beers have become extremely popular. Although the making process is similar in most places, the specific details like the environment, local ingredients, and water supply make up for a big difference in the ending result. While they are various beer shops, bars, and clubs around the city, specialized in selling craft beer, Brauhaus Brewery takes pride in producing their own, and at their own address.

Brauhaus Brewery in Novi Sad

In the very city center of Novi Sad, just a corner away from the iconic Serbian National Theater, Brauhaus Brewery prepares some of the best craft beers in Serbia, and right before your eyes. If you are the type to enjoy the whole beer drinking experience, starting from the environment, color, taste, texture, and smell, and not just the light amusement that comes from the mild intoxication, this is the place to be. Prepared by the German recipe, from natural and local ingredients, the Brauhaus house beer is like a glass of pure joy for all the beer lovers.

Which beers to try

Photo © Credits to Facebook / Brauhaus

The offer is versatile enough to suit everyone's taste and small enough to keep that charm of a cosy craft brewery. There are the lager beers, light and dark ale with distinctive flavors, which makes you enjoy in every sip. The Bavarian ale is strong, one of the rare unfiltered “ale” beers that maintain strong and sufficient smell and taste. The wheat beer has a mild taste, combined with the refreshing lemon aromas and distinctive texture. Lastly, there is the ladies’ favorite ginger ale, that besides the attractive smell and color has a tint of ginger syrup that combines the delightful honey, cinnamon and ginger scents. 

When to visit Brauhaus brewery

Photo © Credits to Facebook / Brauhaus

Brauhaus brewery is frequently visited throughout the day, with a slight exception of the morning, when people prefer coffee to beer. You could visit it for lunch or dinner as well, as they have a restaurant that serves the tastiest food to go along with beers and enhance their taste. If you happen to wander around Novi Sad during the weekends,  you could join the “Balkan” party with the best of region sounds and taste the best local craft beers.

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