Birds' migration station in Lithuania - Ventė Cape

Monika Grinevičiūtė | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Ventė Cape is the westernmost part of Lithuania, and for me, is the most interesting and the most beautiful place at the Lithuanian seaside. Millions of birds are crossing the Ventė Cape every day, and it is a resting place for many birds during the migration period in autumn. The Ventė Ornithological Station is one of the first bird migration stations in Europe. If you wonder why visiting this place, the answer is short - for the unique views of Curonian Lagoon, for the lighthouse and the museum, and for the ornithological station as well. While reading my story, try to remember the novel of M. L. Stedman “The Light Between Oceans” with purpose to feel the cold sea breeze and seagull’s sound near you. So today, let me introduce to you the birds' migration station in Lithuania - Ventė Cape.

Fact 1. The first bird ringing station in Europe, founded in 1929

Ventė Cape geographically is a perfect place for the birds ringing. Millions of birds are crossing this place during their migration and choosing the Ventė Cape for the rest period. The first man, who thought that it would be a good place for the birds ringing and observation, was the overseer of the lighthouse. He told about this place to one of the most popular Lithuanian zoologist and biologist Tadas Ivanauskas, and starting from* *1929 the ornithological station started to operate.

Fact 2. A castle and a church built by Teutonic Knights no longer exist

On the Cape, in 1360, the Teutonic Knights built a church and a castle with the name of Windenburg. The cape was in the Memel Territory and a part of Germany till 1919. The sea did not like the creations of knight, and it was always ruined by the cold Baltic Sea waves. The Germans tried to rebuild it many times, but it did not work. Therefpre, Windenburg Castle no longer exists on the Ventė Cape.

Fact 3. The first lighthouse was from wood

Built in 1837, the lighthouse of Ventė Cape was made from wood and had the oil lamp. The todays lighthouse is made from red bricks, and sadly the old oil lamp is no longer there. The lighthouse is quite small, just 11 meters high. The best thing about it is that it is one of rare lighthouses in Lithuania that are fully opened for visitors. When you climb up there, all the most beautiful views of the Curonian Spit will reach you - Nida with its gold sandy dunes, Preila and the Curonian Lagoon.

Of course, the Ventė Cape is always opened and free of charge, but if you wish to explore the museum of the Ventė Cape Ornithological Station, you can do this every day from 10 AM to 8 PM. The ticket for adults is 3 €, for students 2 €.

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