Best Vintage Shops in Gdansk (Wrzeszcz)

Paulina Kulczycki | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Let me be honest with you: it took me a good while to find any sort of vintage shop in Gd[ansk]( Most of them were quite disappointing and not at all stylish. But since I’ve sworn of sweatshops and have not enough budget to shop only fair fashion designer brands, thrift stores are my place to go for sustainable shopping. And while you find second-hand shops like sand on the beach in other European metropolitans, they’re unfortunately a rarity in my hometown Gdansk. But after rifling through the whole list of extensively researched shops, here are the best vintage shops in Gdansk (Wrzeszcz).

© iStock/Jaroslaw Gregorowicz

Vive Profit

Vive Profit is a second hand and recycling chain in Poland and probably the biggest thrift shop I found in Gdansk (there are actually two of them in town). In the one in Wrzeszcz, you can make your way through two floors of decent and super cheap vintage clothing for women, men and kids, accessories, and decoration articles. It’s the kind of shop for serious "truffle pigs" among vintage lovers – perfect for those who love to search for two hours through rather not interesting items to then, finally, find a real gem! And the best thing about Vive Profit is the innovation of their recycling methods, like alternative fuel from textiles.

Sellektywni Second Hand

That little vintage shop is a true insider tip for second-hand fashionistas in Gdansk. Despite its small size, Sellektywni (which translates into "the picky ones") has a very well-selected collection of vintage clothing for women and men and a very stylish ambiance. The story behind the shop is a group of friends with a passion for traveling and vintage fashion; on each of their travels, they collect lovely little second-hand pieces and sell them in their small shop in Gdansk. Even though the prices here are slightly higher than in other second-hand shops, it’s still very cheap for most of the European travelers (even the low-budget ones like me), since the prices are all in the local currency, zloty. And here you’ll surely find your new favorite vintage piece!

Rock N' Roll Second Hand & New

The little souterrain shop Rock N' Roll is not only underground but also quite "underground" (bad pun alert). The store offers clothing and shoes for women and men in the style of punk, rock, and goth. So, if you’re into old-school band t-shirts, leopard prints, leather pants, plateau shoes, and rock and roll items like corsages and tulle skirts, that shop will conquer your heart. It’s a cool mix of vintage and new items, underlined with hardcore rock music and underground vibes. And come on... don’t we all need an iconic Ramones t-shirt in our closet?

Check out those three best vintage shops in Gdansk (Wrzeszcz) and shop sustainable, cheap and unique clothing in Poland.

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