Gdansk: Urban vibes at the Baltic seaside

Paulina Kulczycki | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Poland’s "trójmiasto” translates literally to Tri-City, which means three cities in one: Gdansk, Gdynia and Sopot. Each one has its own urban vibe, charm and attractions. If there’s one I know for sure about this Baltic area, it’s the many different facets and distinctions of culture and history. Within the ornate architecture of the city’s buildings, left over effects of communism are visible in the complex concrete constructions, complete with a historic center that seems out of a fairytale!

Gdansk – The Picturesque Old Town

If you’re searching for colorful and beautiful architecture similar to that of other harbor cities like Amsterdam, you will definitely find it in the old town of Gdansk. After the Second World War, Gdansk had almost been completely destroyed. Luckily, the facades in the style of Dutch-Renaissance have been restored by amazing art restorers, which led to the magnificent historic center standing there today. Upon entrance, it feels as though you’re taking a brief trip into another time and world. The many colors and ornaments in each and every building along the Long Lane "Ulica Długa” – the main pedestrian zone – will fascinate anyone who’s in love with details. Entering through a golden gate and ending at the river Motlawa, you can discover cute shops, bars and restaurants, while also enjoying the Town Hall and the famous Neptune Fountain upon the entrance of the beautiful Artus Court. Even during occasional rain and a cloudy day due to the marine climate, you can lose yourself in the mesmerizing reflections of the colorful buildings in the grey rain puddles and enjoy a hot tea, accompanied with a tasty pastry in one of the many surrounding petite cafés. Tasting the splendid caramel ring cake "Babeczka Kajmakowa” at the café "Sowa” is mandatory before leaving!

Ulica Mariacka – An Amber Fairytale

Its ancient street lamps and charming front doors of this hidden paved street makes "Ulica Mariacka” probably one of the most enchanted spots in the Tri-City area. On a late summer day, you can enjoy a leisurely stroll around the countless amber shops, while the golden rays of the low sun will spread light through the amber stone jewelry and create a moment of pure magic. You can climb the stairs to reach the top of the St. Mary`s Church and enjoy the view over the city or have a can of black tea with oranges, cloves and honey at the artsy restaurant "Kamienica".

Gdynia – A Modern Sea Port

If you’re more interested in the contemporary urban vibe of the Tri-City, you must go to Gdynia. Here you will find fancy designer stores, modern shopping malls, lush green parks and a beautiful seafront with a sailing harbor, an aquarium and lots of lovely beach clubs, where you can spend an entire afternoon with a cold beer, while putting your feet in the soft, white sand of the Baltic Beach.

Sopot – A Charming Spa Town

During the day, Sopot is a serene location where you can find relaxation in a wellness center or eat a delicious waffle topped with whipped cream and fruits while walking around the beautiful pedestrian zone called Monte Cassino – or as the locals say, "Monciak" – down to the Baltic Beach, where you’ll find Europe’s longest pier. Sopot used to be (and still remains) a vacation town with a diverse variety of good restaurants, nice cafés, art galleries and resorts. At night though, it turns into a vibrant district with underground techno clubs, bars with live concerts and extravagant parties with fashion shows. Here you can truly discover the many faces of this diverse region and enjoy either a wild night in an artsy basement club or a cozy evening with a decent drink in a classy bar with jazz music and ocean view.

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