Best beaches on Lopar: enjoy the sea and reconnect with nature

Marko Radojević | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Island, sea, sand, sun, and shade. What else could you wish for? When in Lopar, on the happy island of Rab, you will be able to choose between 22 sandy beaches. Today, I'll present you only three. But that shouldn't stop you from going and exploring the rest 19 beaches. They are all pretty close to each other so, hop on your bicycle and let's cycle around this sandy paradise in Lopar and enjoy the sea and reconnect with nature.

Paradise Beach (Rajska plaža)

Paradise Beach is only a twenty-minute walk from the Lopar center. It is the largest sandy beach, about two kilometers long. This beach is especially suitable for families with children because the water is mostly shallow, and the deep water starts only at about 900-1000 meters from the coast. This is also the beach with the most activities for children and young people and lots of cafes, restaurants and accommodation capacities. While spending your summer days on Paradise Beach, you can walk and swim to two smaller islets that are close by. Paradise Beach is the most frequent and most visited beach on the island of Rab. If you want a quieter place, then you can just keep walking for 10 minutes, until you stumble upon the next beach. Do not forget that Lopar and Rab hide many inlets and beaches that are not officially recognized, and mostly there's no one there, so you can find your peace and connection with nature.

Photo © Credits to iStock/utamaria

Sahara Beach

Sahara Beach is a 40-minute walk from Paradise Beach and the town of Lopar. Sahara is a beach that does not have any of cafes, restaurants or accommodation. But it has a beautiful sea and even more beautiful sand. It is less visited than Paradise Beach, but it is also known as the most beautiful beach for naturists. While you are there, you will see nearby islands - St. Grgur and Goli Island More to the south, up in the sky, you will be able to notice the contours of the big Velebit Mountain. You can reach the Sahara Beach by car and on foot, by a pleasant walk through the forest. As there is no place where it is possible to buy food and drinks, do not forget to take your own.

Ciganka Beach

Ciganka or Gypsy Beach is a beach in the northeastern part of the island of Rab. It is only 2.5 km from Lopar. Ciganka is a small and exciting beach where naturism is allowed. While you are on the beach, you can enjoy in the shade of the pine forest and observe the windsurfers, who love this part of the Adriatic due to favorable winds. Ciganka Beach has some mysterious stone formations, so you will enjoy what Mother Nature has made there.

Photo © Credits to iStock/Matteo Moiana

Lopar is a small place but also has the title The King of the Sandy Beaches. Each one of the mentioned beaches has something special, something different but they all have in common: the sand, warm sea, and beautiful nature around. You cannot be wrong if you choose Lopar and its best beaches for your next vacation destination. Rajska, Sahara, and Ciganka are only three out of 22 beaches on Lopar where you can enjoy the sea and reconnect with nature.

Photo © Credits to iStock/KrivinisIsaac74

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