Belgrade story: Who is lighting the Star?

Zlata Golaboska | Live the World

November 23, 2022

After reading Lejlas tips for movie night in Belgrade, I remembered that one of the most exciting nights in Belgrade for me was actually movie nights. I started loving the Belgrade life long before moving there just because of Serbian cinematography. The excitement for movie nights in Belgrade makes more sense to me now and I will highlight my best experience in Belgrade related to movies.

Bioskop Zvezda, or Cinema Star

Three years ago, on the platform Indiegogo, one story was presented. A story of saving one of the oldest European cinemas, Bioskop Zvezda (Star). This cinema, after 96 years of working, was closed and sold to a private owner that didn’t care so much about it. This object started falling apart and group of young artists decided to occupy this place in order to increase the attention to this problem and to save the function of the object. These young guys entered the building with the slogan “We are here and the cinema is ours”. The cinema still functions and it is working during the summer (when heating is not needed). The rooftop terrace is open and therefore open air projections are available.

The atmosphere here is very nice, youthful, and you can feel the revolutionary spirit of concord freedom! The movies that are presented are mostly classics, but also promotional presenting the works of young filmmakers from Serbia and around. The youth in Serbia is thinking outside the box. Have you heard of Sharesquare?

This place opened for movie projections, but after that it became a place where everyone can artistically express him or her self. Photography and art exhibitions, Book Festivals, private parties, open discussions for example. Everything that can lead to building a healthy public opinion.

Good job, guys!

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