Belarusian State Circus: Remembering childhood

Anano Chikhradze | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Belarusian State Circus is a place where you can remember childhood and get into the magic world. I guess all of you have been in the circus at least once in a lifetime when you were kids. I loved all the performances including janglers, clowns, favorite animals, and even dangerous shows. Let’s explore Belarusian Circus that has a very interesting history. It is the only circus in the world located on the central avenue of the country’s capital city - Minsk


Belarusian State Circus already exists for over 60 years, but of course, everything started differently. In the beginning, Belarus had several European traveling circuses and show groups. The first professional performance was held in 1853 near Minsk. It was an Austrian troupe that was organized by Carl Henne. So, the first Belarusian stationary circus was opened later in Minsk, in 1884, and it could hold up to 800 visitors. The Circus was named after Nikitin Brothers, and it was made from wood. However, the location was not right, as it was above the church. That is why it was relocated several times. 

Picture © Credits to iStock//bruev

Finally, in 1954, they decided to build a new circus. It was constructed on the Freedom Square and designed for around 1660 visitors. The official opening of the Belarusian State Circus was held in 1959. From that time, it was developing gradually and welcoming more and more visitors from all around the world. 

The circus today

Nowadays, Belarusian Circus is fully equipped for different types of shows. After the last reconstruction in 2010, the interior of the 1950s was retained. The renovated building includes four different areas. First one is made from the parquet, the second one from the ice, the third one is electronic for the light shows, and the last one is made from the rubber that is very comfortable for the trainers who work with animals. After the full reconstruction, this circus became one of Europe’s best arenas. 

Picture © Credits to iStock/millionsjoker

You can also visit the museum that is located inside the circus, where you can hear the history of Belarusian State Circus. It offers the VIP-Lounge for special guests and is equipped with the buffet and wardrobe. The program in the circus is quite diverse and interesting so that it can attract people of any taste. They are renewing the program of the shows every two months, and different foreign troupes also visit Belarus quite often. 

If you plan to visit Belarusian State Circus, you can buy tickets in advance online. It is a great opportunity to enjoy one of the best performances that you will ever see. On top of that, you will remember your childhood after seeing magical shows. Do not forget to suggest this place to your friends as well, if they are planning to visit Minsk

Video © Credits to YouTube/Alesya Gulevich

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